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Expert Tableau Training


We provide Tableau training both online and in-person.

Basic Training

This training is designed for new Tableau users, Excel users, Analysts and Project managers

Advanced Training

This training is designed for Power BI users, Senior Analysts and Data Scientists.


If you have a specific training request, please get in contact with more information and we will get in touch to see how we can help.

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Basic Training

1. Introduction to Tableau

Tableau Software Laptop Forcecasting Dashboard

2. Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep Training Functions

3. Tableau Desktop

Tableau Software Training Dashboard - Executive Salesforce Summary

4. Tableau Online/Server

Tableau Software Online Training Graphic

Advanced Training

1. Tableau Platform Architecture

Tableau Dashboard Thumbnails

2. Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep Conductor Flow Overview

3. Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop Software Training Heatmap Dashboard

4. Tableau Online/Server

Tableau Online admin insights

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