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Expert Alteryx Training


We provide Alteryx training both online and in-person.

Beginner - Intermediate

This training is appropriate for anyone working with data, regardless of their experience.


This training course is intended for intermediate level Alteryx Designer users and above.


This training is intended for staff working on Server and Gallery Administration


If you have a specific training request, please get in contact with more information and we will get in touch to see how we can help.

New to Alteryx? Download a free trial of Alteryx Designer here.

Beginner - Intermediate Training

The course allows participants to get hands-on with the product, teaching them how to effectively use core tools they’ll be using across all future workflows. It is appropriate for anyone working with data, regardless of their experience.

The Beginner – Intermediate Alteryx Course will typically be run with the following structure:

1. Introduction to Alteryx Designer

Alteryx Software Training Introduction Functions

2. Connection to Data Sources

Alteryx Training Data Connections

To view a full list of Alteryx’s data sources, please click here.

3. Data Wrangling and use of more Advanced Features

Alteryx Training Workflow Screenshot

Advanced Training

Areas of Functionality Covered

The Alteryx Solution, Blend and Prep, Analyse, Share - Training

Server Training

Intensive, one day on-site (or remote) training course focused on technical maintenance, performance & backup parts. It is intended for staff working on Server & Gallery administration.
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Billigence delivered a set of Alteryx training sessions to the Strategy & Analytics team, covering data cleansing, predictive modelling, predictive grouping, macros, reporting, web scraping, and best practices. The training was excellent and highly enjoyable with lots of practical exercises and discussions on possible use cases. The trainer was engaging, knowledgeable and helpful. We highly recommend the training from Billigence.


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