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Dialling into Data

Leveraging a deep understanding of the telecommunications industry, Billigence serves as an invaluable partner for sectorspecific data strategies and outcomes. Guiding our clients to success, our tailored approach transforms complex data into actionable insights, elevating your decision-making and customer relations. We offer not just solutions but a strategic advantage in an intensely competitive and quickly evolving environment. 

Common Challenges

  • Pricing
    Cost Optimisation: Managing budgets effectively often requires digital transformation leading to less tools and less people while improving customer experience and service continuity - all without jeopardising disaster recovery.
  • pie-chart
    Self-service & Analytics: Unlocking analytics through intuitive self-service options quickens the journey to vital business insights. This streamlines data-driven decision-making across the organisation.
  • Reporting
    Automated Reporting: Month-end closures often demand a significant amount of manual effort, turning reporting into a resource-intensive task. Automating this process saves valuable resources and enhances accuracy and timeliness.
  • Data Governance Specialist
    Data Governance and Compliance: Telecommunication companies encounter the challenge of complying with frequently changing regulations while ensuring data integrity and security. Non-compliance can lead to significant penalties, legal repercussions and damage to their reputation.

Use Cases

Churn Prediction

By leveraging advanced analytics to scrutinise call records and data usage patterns, companies can accurately predict subscriber churn. This enables them to deploy targeted, proactive retention strategies and optimise network performance.

Customer Retention

Illuminating the factors that contribute to customer satisfaction, from service quality to feature utilisation, allows businesses to personalise customer service tactics. This elevates retention rates and strengthens long-term relationships.

5G and Next G Infrastructure

In 5G and Next G infrastructure planning, algorithms can pinpoint optimal tower locations based on user density and activity. This ensures efficient resource allocation, better network coverage and ultimately boosts customer satisfaction, attracting new subscribers.

Network Quality Monitoring

Real-time algorithms continuously evaluate signal strength and data throughput, enabling rapid identification and resolution of bottlenecks or outages. This helps to improve user experience and minimise service disruptions.

CDR Record Capturing & Analysing

Analysed for predictive insights, Call Detail Record (CDR) Reports, are pivotal in refining service offerings and billing processes. They enable a nuanced understanding of customer behaviour, fostering tailored experiences and optimising operations.

Next Best Action

Determining ‘next best action’ is challenging due to the complexity of analysing vast customer data, yet it’s vital for enhancing personalised service and maintaining competitiveness in a rapidly evolving and competitive market.

Industry Trends

Predictive Maintenance

The utilisation of predictive maintenance has emerged as a cornerstone for enhancing network resilience. Advanced analytics and machine learning identify potential issues before they escalate, optimising operational stability. This proactive approach boosts customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs.

360° View of Customer

A comprehensive understanding of customers is essential for highly tailored engagement. Advanced analytics and data integration provide a multi-faceted view of customer behaviour and preferences. This insight enables more targeted services, improves customer loyalty, reduces churn and makes marketing efforts more effective.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI and ML, particularly generative AI models, are transforming operations and customer engagement. They tackle challenges like network bottlenecks and enhance personalisation while pioneering customer digitalisation and advanced chatbots. Essential for predictive analytics and customer insights, they’re key for competitive advantage.

Consolidating Systems for Cost Savings

There has been a noticeable uptick of consolidating multiple platforms into a single ecosystem to reduce financial burdens. This unified approach not only reduces expenses but also maintains high performance and reliability. The consolidation simplifies resource management, contributing to more agile and responsive operations.