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Technical Business Analyst

Technical Business Analyst

Strategy to Execution

A Technical Business Analyst acts as a bridge between the business needs and the solutions provided by IT or other departments. They are responsible for understanding business requirements and translating them into technical solutions. With a strong acumen in both business and technology, they analyse data, systems and processes to find the best path forward.  

Common Responsibilities:

  • Complexity
    Requirement Analysis: Business analysts gather and scrutinise business requirements to understand organisational needs. They then document these requirements as functional specifications to serve as a blueprint for technical teams.
  • Data
    Data Analysis: Utilising data analytics tools, they collect and study data to discern trends or patterns. The resulting insights are compiled into reports that guide strategic business decisions.
  • Communication
    Technical Liaison: Serving as the intermediary between business stakeholders and technology teams, business analysts ensure that business needs are accurately translated into technical specifications. They facilitate communication to ensure alignment between the two groups.
  • Planning
    Process Mapping: Business analysts document current organisational processes and systems to create a clear operational overview. They identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies and propose enhancements to optimise workflow.
  • Reporting
    Solution Assessment: Business analysts evaluate the potential impact and benefits of proposed solutions. This assessment provides a data-driven foundation for decision-making, helping stakeholders choose the most effective course of action.

Technical Business Analysts also engage in creating user stories and use cases, quality assurance, project management, stakeholder engagement and continuous improvement efforts.

What Sets Billigence's Technical Business Analysts Apart

Billigence’s Technical Business Analysts are remarkable in their ability to seamlessly blend deep technical knowledge with acute business expertise. They excel in translating complex business challenges into actionable technical solutions. Through rigorous data analysis, they provide our clients with insights that are not just data-driven but also business-focused. This ensures that the strategies they help implement are both technically sound and aligned with business goals, thereby driving real value and enhancing our clients’ competitive edge.