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Sankey Diagram
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Our Sankey Diagram Tableau Extension allows you to visualise a flow of one set of variables to another, helping identify dominant flow contributors.


Our Tableau Sankey Diagram extension allows you to visualise a flow of one set of variables to another, helping to locate dominant contributions to the overall flow of multivariate processes.



Insurance Claims: Processing steps between the original claim to final determination, payout or rejection
Mortgage Book: Where are client applications spending the most time
Customer Journey: Journey effectiveness from website form submission, to internal resource allocation, to follow-through, to lead conversion etc
Product Acquisition: From acquisition proposal, to negotiation, to confirmation, to payment, to IP rights hand-over…

Optimise touchpoints’ interactions & conversion ratios

Many interactions we encounter daily present opportunity for analysis

Identify areas for improvement within important customer paths

Extension configuration allows for truly custom visualisation

Focus on the signal & suppress noise by using visual analytics

Sankey diagram visualisation helps grasp major insights quickly & easily

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Tableau Extensions are compatible with Tableau Desktop / Tableau Server version 2018.2 and newer. They also work with Tableau Public.

In your dashboard of choice, drag the Extension object from the Objects menu in the left dashboard pane to the dashboard.

In the window that opens, you can either:
1) Search for “Billigence” to display all our Tableau Extensions you can use right away
2) Click on My Extensions and locate the .TREX file of respective Tableau Extension downloaded either from this website or Tableau Extensions Gallery

If this is your first time using one of our Tableau Extensions, you’ll be prompted to sign up. Your credentials allow you to use any of our Tableau Extensions. This process is the same regardless if you’re only trialling the Tableau Extension or using its licensed, unrestricted paid version.

After logging in using your credentials, you need to feed the Tableau Extensions the right data in the right format. Each of our Tableau Extensions requires the underlying data to be formatted in certain way.

Click on the blue Settings button in the top left corner of the Extension and then click on “?” icon next to its name. You’ll be presented with detailed instructions explaining how to correctly format your data to make the Extension work. Below example is from Process Analysis Tableau Extension:

Should you still be having difficulties, let us know at [email protected] and we’ll help you out.

Absolutely! If the out-of-the-box functionality of our Sankey DiagramProcess Analysis or Network Analysis Tableau Extension doesn’t do exactly what you’d want it to, reach out using the form above. We can either customise an already existing Extension or create a bespoke one to fit your specific use-case from scratch.

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