Tableau Accelerators

Rapidly build robust dashboards tailored to industry or enterprise applications, all using your data!

Accelerators are pre-built dashboards that help you get started quickly on your data analysis for uses across departments, industries and even cloud-based systems like Salesforce, ServiceNow ITSM, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Marketo and Oracle Eloqua. You can use the Accelerators for inspirations or even swap out sample data for your own.

Stay in the Know. Granular View of Your Workforce

Workforce Planning Dashboard

What is Workforce Planning Accelerator?

The Workforce Planning Accelerator is a pre-built dashboard that provides insights into your workforce.

Workforce Profile

Track workforce profiles

Easily track your workforce profile without wasting valuable time.

👍    Find headcount by business function 

👍    See how your workforce is growing    

Track employee salary

With our Workforce Planning Accelerator you can:

👍    How much you’re spending per employee

👍    Where you’re allocating most of the salaries

Tracking salary
Employee tenure

Track employees tenure

Track movement of staff in & out of business and gain visibility into applications pipeline.

👍    Find the average employee tenure

👍    Find the average tenure of departing employee

👍    Percentage of employees working in-office or hybrid

👍    Assess the efficiency of your recruitment pipeline

Multiple data attributes

Multiple data attributes make your dashboard smarter.

👍   Employee ID 

👍   Business function

👍   Employment start/end date

👍   Reporting date

👍   And more!


Tableau Premiere Partner at Your Service

Using our Workforce Planning Tableau Accelerator is easy though we’re here to help should you need it.

Aside for the Accelerators, we can assist with many other Tableau-related activities. Whether it’s licensing, user training, strategic and enablement sessions for business or technical audiences, Tableau Server Health Checks, Tableau Extensions or other, we have you covered.

Regardless of your Tableau journey, our skilled Consultants will help you make the most out of it. Decrease Time-to-Value and start realising benefits today.

Development team

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We provide Tableau training both online and in-person

Basic training: Designed for new Tableau users, Excel users, Analysts and PMs.

Advanced training: Designed for Power BI users, Senior Analysts and Data Scientists.

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