Student Number Planning
Advanced Data Modelling in Alteryx
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Student Number Planning
Advanced Data Modelling in Alteryx
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Key Facts

Client: Higher Education Institution

Department: Strategy, Planning & Policy (SPP)

Tech Solution: Alteryx Designer

Challenges Faced:

Utilising Alteryx to automate HESA Data Futures

About the Company

Based in the United Kingdom, our client’s higher education institution provides education to 15,000+ full and part-time students from over a hundred and twenty countries.

A student body of this size requires rigorous and precise student number forecasting for upcoming academic years. The university was also looking for new approaches how to calculate corresponding income from tuition fees and grants and provide scenario planning for future years.

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While the task of projecting student numbers and corresponding fee income is very difficult and laborious, it also plays a vital role in every university’s financial planning. Typically, there’s plenty of manual work involved as higher education institutions often use Excel as their go-to solution for formulas, calculations and various types of projections.

While this could work for smaller, simpler projects, the complexity of student number planning presents a different challenge. Students are accepted into different levels of study (undergraduate, postgraduate, research, associate) with different study methods (full time vs part-time, distant vs campus learners ect.) and separated into various fee status and funding categories.

There are also exchange students, students on placements, repeating students, or exceptional cases like interrupting students. Another level of complexity is added by the face that not all courses are similar in length and students may choose different paths throughout their studies, which makes the modelling even more challenging.

Alteryx Designer Interface

Interface of Alteryx analytical application for business users

Alteryx Solution Overview

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