Predictive Analytics
Strive for data-driven decisions
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Predictive Analytics
Strive for data-driven decisions
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Better decisions are made with the right data, the right data model and well understood associations.  At Billigence, we have the right tools and techniques to put your business in control.  Deliver new insights in hours, not weeks with leading edge business-focused tools that can deliver powerful new insights through scenario modelling, data blending and enhancement activities.
Billigence Predictive Analytics Training Course Package

Business-focused Training Package

We have a predictive modelling training package for businesses, in which we work collaboratively with business users to target a strategically important use case. We have found that the best way to showcase the value of predictive models is to work in tandem with the business to solve acute business challenge, using the right approach and setting ground rules for repeatable data-driven success.

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Discover the benefits of using Alteryx in Finance.

In this webinar you’ll learn about:

👍 Improving existing processes with Alteryx

👍 Data Formatting & Text Parsing use-case

👍 Reconciliation use-case

👍 Commonly used tools

👍 Inputs & outputs, macros, apps (and more!)

Alteryx for Audit & Accounting