Billigence has experience and expertise working within the media industry. Our consultants work collaboratively with our clients, developing systems and processes aiming to achieve their strategic business goals. We have worked with three major Australian media companies, Seven West Media, Foxtel and Newscorp.

Traditional media companies face many challenges in todays digital age. There has been massive shifts in the way we consume media, as the large volume of content, competition and emerging media markets has shifted the way consumers engage with media. The main challenge media companies face is navigating the ever-changing media landscape. Because of this, being able to understand the customer has never been more pivotal. Effective business intelligence processes can prepare media companies for the large increase in new distribution channels (platforms and devices), new payment models, competing with the new emerging media markets, volatility surrounding customer retention and keeping up with media consumption trends.

Some of the major challenges we can help media organisations with include the following:

  • Readership, engagement and retention much more volatile
  • Addressing the shift in the way we consume media
  • Consumer targeting, including providing relevant ads to the right consumer base
  • Analysing viewership, engagement
  • Understanding consumer trends
  • Placement of content
  • Selling to advertising companies and creating better packages and methods to integrate
  • Creating customer loyalty
  • Positioning your business to make data-driven decisions

We have the skills, expertise and personnel required to help media companies to improve their data processes. Please get in contact to find out how we can help.