Teaching Excellent Framework
Improve teaching quality and student outcomes
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Teaching Excellent Framework
Improve teaching quality and student outcomes
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Billigence’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) is a measure of teaching quality on each of your courses. The information is aggregated up to each of your faculties and then further aggregated up to the institutional level. It measures a variety of KPIs and ranks the performance based on a benchmark score.


Using this framework, you can easily determine where to focus your effort. For example, in the demonstration video on the right, you can easily see that in the Business Studies department there is a bad score for non-continuation (students are dropping out), there is a lack of post-grad employment opportunities and there is a low level of highly skilled employment available for graduates. This has resulted in a ‘bronze’ TEF outcome rating. Using this framework allows for planners to quickly pinpoint where the institution needs improvement within key performance indicators.

Visualise Strengths and Visualise

The dashboards allow you to compare all metrics across the institutions and pre-defined groups. This allows the user to see what their institution is doing well as well as highlighting areas that need improvement.

Interactive Dashboard

The dashboard is fully interactive, which allows for quick on-the-spot analysis that would be impossible to achieve with excel. It allows you to ask more questions of your data without having to wait for IT to generate reports.

Metric Comparison

The interface allows users to easily filter through their institution’s performance, with the ability to sort by part-time, faculty and the multiple drill-down options allow for in-depth analysis with ease. This means that planning directors can answer the questions they have simply, quickly and effectively.

What-if Analysis

Discover the effect of a change in a metric and the impact it will have on the TEF outcome. Key to helping planners utilise their resources to get the best possible results.


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