Campus Utilisation
Utilise campus resources efficiently
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Campus Utilisation
Utilise campus resources efficiently
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Higher education institutions have to maximise its usage of campus facilities. Given that the campus resources available are limited, it is vital that the university allocates the right amount of people for its rooms, lecture halls and facilities. This means that the institution must have every campus resource utilised as often as possible with the perfect amount of students in each room. To do this manually is a logistical and planning nightmare.

In our experience with universities, we find that it often takes planning departments 3 to 4 weeks to compile the correct data from different departments and put it into excel. This does not ensure that the data is trustworthy, and still requires manual calculations to utilise campus resources efficiently.

For planning directors, the following questions must be addressed:

  • Is the data we are using trustworthy?
  • Can we access the data immediately?
  • Can we develop an automated, flexible process that will fit in with the current data processes?






Billigence, with our software partners Alteryx, have developed a specific, flexible solution for campus utilisation. The model, that can be built and implemented in your institution, can be maintained by internal business users. This is because the Alteryx platform provides intuitive drag and drop functionality. No programming skills are required. It also has the flexibility to work with existing data formats and processes.

The fast engine is able to prepare and cleanse data, blend data sources and map out processes in a matter of seconds. Repeatable processes that require arduous manual work can now be automated and repeated. This saves time, labour and money. It also allows planners to spend more time focussing on meaningful analysis. Furthermore, the platform gives users the ability to run simulations and predictive models. This ‘what if?’ scenario planning helps planners better predict the impact of changes within the institution. What if 8% of students drop out? What if the amount of business students grows 3% per annum? What will that look like in 3 years? How will this affect resources?

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In this webinar you’ll learn about:

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