We work with Finance companies globally to optimise processes.
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We work with Finance companies globally to optimise processes.
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Billigence has worked extensively within the finance industry, providing expertise and professionalism to our clients. Our consultants work collaboratively with our clients, developing systems and processes aiming to achieve their strategic business goals.

Business intelligence has become pivotal to financial institutions, as a multitude of factors have heightened the need for effective strategic data processes. For example, regulatory compliance necessitates the finance industry to have effective operations systems. In Australia, Royal Commission regulations have put pressure on finance institutions to focus its resources heavily towards compliance towards countering banking misconduct and Open Banking has set out strict rules for giving consumers full control with the privacy of their data.

Technological advances, increased competition, government regulations, more personalised financial offerings and societal expectations regarding privacy and transparency are all areas that have made optimising data processes as a key focus for financial institutions. Some of the strategic business intelligence challenges we can help financial institutions improve include:

  • Customer analytics records
  • Predictive modelling
  • Analysing and creating customer journeys
  • Digital touch-points and discovering exactly how customers interact with your business
  • Opening APIs for open banking
  • Managing the shift from the traditional banking model to online
  • Offering user friendly experience through better processes (applying for cards, shortening internal processes, creating better end-user engagement)
  • User segmentation and targeting
  • Business process automation and optimisation
  • Cyber-security and risk management
  • Creating new revenue streams that tailor offerings specific to client needs
  • Adapting to competition and technological advances

We have the skills, expertise and personnel required to help financial institutions to overcome their challenges. Please get in contact to find out how we can help.

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