Billigence has a lot of experience working with Energy companies globally. Our industry experience has allowed us to work closely with our clients, helping them extract valuable insights from their data.

Business intelligence has become increasingly important in the energy industry, with the emerging Utility 4.0 creating a push towards more digitised business models, with an integration between information technology and the energy market. This includes the IoT (internet of things), which has been a pivotal driver for innovation in the industry as more information and data gives can allow companies to make personalised customer offerings and optimise maintenance of systems.

Some of the major strategic challenges we can help energy companies improve include:

  • Generating more reliable supply and demand forecasts
  • Robotisation and automation of processes
  • Implementing systems that can handle large and increasing volumes of data
  • Predictive analytics to create insights
  • Streamlining of supply chain
  • Development of sustainable distribution models
  • Improving service delivery

We have the skills, expertise and personnel required to help energy companies to improve their data processes. Please get in contact to find out how we can help.

We really appreciate the flexible, friendly and professional approach of Billigence consultants. We will continue working with Billigence on future projects, which enables us to use our company data for our daily work and decision making in the most effective way.

Götz Martin, CEO of Innogy - One of the 5 biggest suppliers of natural gas and electricity in Europe