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Before dealing with Big Data and all the information from the web and other external sources, businesses should first get its Small Data under control and utilise it better.

Small Data is the data collected by the internal systems and databases of an organisation, including CRM systems, self-service portals, billing and accounting systems, among other transactional and support systems that make up a Data Warehouse.

Despite companies having a Data Warehouse, there are still a lot of data that is not consolidated. With Billigence solutions, all company data will be consolidated and utilisation of current data sources will improve. Then with our extensive knowledge, we will integrate Big Data best practices with Small Data management; we will integrate the external data with internal data and use the unstructured data for advanced analysis and business understanding.

Living in the digital age means dealing with data that rapidly grows.  In 2013, data from the web reached an estimate of 4 zettabytes, or 4 billion terabytes. According to a Digital Universe study, about 0.5% of this data was analysed and 3% was tagged and ready for manipulation.

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