Blend, cleanse and enrich your data to improve quality and deliver value.

A solid BI strategy starts with a strong foundation.  Adopting the right processes, tools and techniques to improve your organisation’s raw data can generate new insights and pave way for predictive analytics.  As Alteryx partner, we have the knowledge and expertise to help deliver value and improve the overall quality of your data.


Let your data speak.

Bring your data to life with a powerful and interactive visualisation.  The establishment of a solid BI Self-Service capability is critical to your organisation’s future success.  Let the people who know your data best (your business users) reveal trends and identify opportunities.  Explore your data as a map (spatial) and more easily detect outliers – just to name a few.  As a Tableau partner, our experienced consultants can deliver interactive dashboards for your business, fostering new business insights and analysis.


Let data drive your next action.

Better decisions are made with the right data, the right data model and well understood associations.  At Billigence, we have the right tools and techniques to put your business in control.  Deliver new insights in hours, not weeks with leading edge business-focused tools that can deliver powerful new insights through scenario modelling, data blending and enhancement activities.


Deliver data with meaning. Even the best BI platform requires good housekeeping.

A solid yet real-world information management framework is the unsung hero of any BI implementation.  The best approach to data management will address four key elements – ownership, data lineage, transparency and most importantly, accessibility for business users.  As a Semanta partner, our solution provides a practical approach to data governance from a business user’s perspective.  Designed to connect with what you already have, our platform delivers Google-like search functionality and encompasses a business glossary, data dictionary and reporting catalogue and is backed by a data management framework for the ongoing management of ownership and delivery across your modern business landscape.


Put your customers first.

Manage sales, leads, relationships and marketing activities with an automated CRM platform.  As a Salesforce partner, Billigence can deliver value for your organisation and help to put your customer first with enhanced business process and reporting capabilities.  In addition, our team can introduce complementary tools and technologies to further understand your customers with ‘Single view of Customer’ and ‘Customer360’ initiatives based on leveraging the social and digital data.


Data and information management is a critical business process. It does not just cover reporting and compliance initiatives; it also involves analytics. The information that businesses acquire can provide insights and opportunities leading towards business improvement and growth.

Business intelligence is an investment as it is a major component that drives business value. A strong and informative business intelligence reporting solution helps organisations to measure and identify which parts of the business need improvement and can reveal new strengths and opportunities that can give them a competitive advantage.Let’s look at a scenario where you, the business owner, have gathered all data about your business operation, financial performance, partners, and customers. What do you do with that data?  How do you give it meaning?

You need to have a strategy and approach. Determine your goals for your business. Do you want to build a customer-oriented organisation, or a performance-driven one? Either way, imagine the convenience of having the right information for the right purpose.

That’s where Billigence comes into the picture – to help you explore the power of your data and turn it into useful and meaningful information. Our business intelligence solutions help enrich business outcomes through our unique propositions, advanced predictive analytics and modelling.


Living in the digital age means dealing with data that rapidly grows.  In 2013, data from the web reached an estimate of 4 zettabytes, or 4 billion terabytes. According to a Digital Universe study, about 0.5% of this data was analysed and 3% was tagged and ready for manipulation.

But before dealing with Big Data and all the information from the web and other external sources, businesses should first get its Small Data under control and utilise it better.

Small Data is the data collected by the internal systems and databases of an organisation, including CRM systems, self-service portals, billing and accounting systems, among other transactional and support systems that make up a Data Warehouse.

Despite companies having a Data Warehouse, there are still a lot of data that is not consolidated. With Billigence solutions, all company data will be consolidated and utilisation of current data sources will improve. Then with our extensive knowledge, we will integrate Big Data best practices with Small Data management; we will integrate the external data with internal data and use the unstructured data for advanced analysis and business understanding.


Having the right strategy for the data management, reporting and information analysis is a crucial component of a successful business.

Whether you want to build a customer oriented or performance driven organization, you need to have the right information at the right time. Nowadays organizations produce terabytes of data about their operation, financial performance, customers and partners, but very rarely they are really able to turn this data into information and use it for better decision making and higher profit.

Billigence is helping organizations to define the right approach to data management and analysis using our industry knowledge, BI expertise and hands-on experience. Billigence will help you understand your data sources, organize the processes and implement right tools for better reporting and analysis. We have a proven track record of successful BI projects and we are working with the most advanced tools and partners in the BI space.

Let us help you to turn your data into information and enable you to make better decisions faster!


Our business intelligence services and solutions include:

Business Analysis
BI Strategy, Architecture & Solution Design
Data Governance / Information Management Strategy
Data Warehousing & Data Lakes
Data Visualisation & Dashboards
Analytics & Data Science
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Service Improvements and Insights
Data Cloud Solutions
Project Management Services
Learning and Education
Strategic Alignment

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