Snowflake – The Data Warehouse for the Cloud

Snowflake is the only Data Warehouse built for the cloud. Provided as Software-as-a-service, Snowflake offers a Data Warehouse that is faster, easier to use and more flexible than traditional Data Warehousing. For these reasons, companies are moving towards Snowflake as the centrepiece for their data management systems.

Change how you think about Data Warehousing

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Gartner Peer Insight Reviews

Managing Large Volumes of Data 92%
Loading Data Continuously 94%
Other Data Types in Addition to Structured Data 96%
Repetitive Queries 96%
Queries Supporting Advanced Analytics 86%
Queries on Many Data Types/Sources 88%
Operational BI Queries 88%
System Availability 92%
User Skill Level Support 86%
System Availability 86%
Administration and Management 92%

The Snowflake Solution


High Performance

Highest Class Security

Fast Engine

Multiple Clouds

Multiple Concurrency

Per-second Pricing

Instantly Scalable