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Our team can advise you and make your data excellence journey easier. We are well-versed in leading software solutions across many industries and can help you find the right solution stack and methods for your business.

We utilise and integrate diverse services and techniques to augment your company’s data initiatives so you can unlock the true potential of your data.

We provide junior, senior and principal-level data experts with the knowledge and desire to make your data thrive.

We partner with leading technology platforms to bring our clients the technological edge in leveraging their data. Then we help you train your team so you can integrate these technologies seamlessly.

We work with clients across a diverse range of industries. Understanding the nuances of each sector, our services are adapted to meet their unique challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We have a wealth of experience working on public sector and government projects. We are approved on multiple federal and state government panels and our consultants hold security clearances, depending on their role and the requirements of the project at hand. Learn more about our public sector capabilities.

Our pricing model is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. We consider factors such as project complexity, duration and specific service requirements. We work closely with you to provide a transparent quote that aligns with your budget and objectives.

Staff augmentation, also known as contingent labor, is a flexible approach where we provide skilled professionals to supplement your existing team. This service is ideal for projects requiring specific expertise or additional resources, ensuring your project remains on track without the long-term commitment of hiring and training new employees.

We sets ourselves apart with our agility and personalised approach around the globe. As a boutique company, we excel in forging lasting, meaningful relationships with our clients, ensuring that we thoroughly understand and meet their unique needs. This approach guarantees that our clients receive not only expert data solutions built with the latest technology but also benefit from a partnership that emphasises long-term success. We ensure smooth project delivery by actively engaging stakeholders and ensuring our projects are a collaboration. Our team comprises highly qualified consultants, known for their advanced expertise and innovative problem-solving skills, enhancing the quality and impact of our services. Finally, we pride ourselves on our competittive and transparent pricing.

Our process usually includes data maturity assessment, solution design, implementation, review, user adoption/training and hypercare, with ongoing communication to align the project with your strategic goals. The duration of a Billigence consultancy engagement varies, typically ranging from six weeks to over a year, depending on project complexity.

Yes, at Billigence, we are not only enthusiastic about leveraging the best technology for data solutions but also take pride in being top-tier registered resellers of our software partners.

Absolutely! While we have strong partnerships with software we believe in, our approach remains vendor agnostic. This means we are flexible and skilled in working within your existing technology stack, ensuring seamless integration and optimisation irrespective of the vendor.

Yes, our expertise extends across all major cloud platforms – AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. We are proficient in deploying multifaceted, multi-cloud solutions, ensuring robust, scalable and efficient cloud data architecture for your business.

Yes, we prioritise client interaction and are willing to travel to meet you. In some cases, our consultants are available for relocation to provide on-site support. Please note, travel costs may be applicable for certain relocations. We also have consultants working remotely across the globe, ready to assist you.

We assign dedicated account managers to individual industry vertical to ensure personalised and focused service. If you're uncertain about your point of contact or require further information, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Our clientele ranges from large enterprise and public sector corporations to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). We tailor our services to meet the unique data needs and scale of each organisation we partner with.

At Billigence, we adhere to robust security practices, underlined by our ISO 27001 Information Management Security Systems certification, as detailed on this page. This certification demonstrates our commitment to managing information security systematically and consistently. Alongside this, our partner software solutions are equipped with their own comprehensive security certifications.

Post-implementation we provide dedicated custom troubleshooting measures to ensure smooth operation after project completion. We also offer hypercare packages, designed to offer extended support.

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