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What is is the leading AI Cloud company, on a mission to democratise AI and drive an open AI movement around the world. They focus on drawing insights from structured and unstructured data like video and documents with their award-winning products like Hydrogen Torch and Document AI. Customers use the H2O AI Cloud to rapidly solve complex business problems and accelerate the discovery of new ideas by simplifying and streamlining the process of making state-of-the-art deep learning models. 

Why is the trusted AI provider to more than 20,000 global organisations, millions of data scientists and over half of the Fortune 500, including AT&T, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Citi, GlaxoSmithKline, Hitachi, Kaiser Permanente, Procter & Gamble, PayPal, PwC, Reckitt, Unilever and others. Goldman Sachs, NVIDIA and Wells Fargo are not only customers and partners, but strategic investors in the company. More than 30 Kaggle Grandmasters (the community of best-in-the-world machine learning practitioners and data scientists) are makers at A strong AI for Good ethos to make the world a better place and Responsible AI drive the company’s purpose. 

Why Billigence?

After seeing in action and using it for ourselves we knew instantly that we needed to become a partner. Our experience with their products brought us unbridled excitement as we achieved results in hours that previously would take months. Our consultants have quickly become experts and are helping our clients to take their AI efforts to the next level. 

We have experience with: 

  • Licensing 
  • Implementation Products Explained’s comprehensive automated machine learning (autoML) capabilities transform how AI is created and consumed. They have built AI to do AI, making it easier and faster to use, while still maintaining expert levels of accuracy, speed and transparency.

H2O Platform

Feature Transformation

Automatically visualize and address data quality issues with advanced feature engineering that transforms your data into an optimal modelling dataset.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Quickly create and test highly accurate and robust models with state-of-the-art automated machine learning that spans the entire data science lifecycle and can process a variety of data types within a single dataset.


Explainable AI

Easily understand the ‘why’ behind model predictions to build better models and provide explanations of model output at a global level (across a set of predictions) or at a local level (for an individual prediction).

Low Code App Development

Rapidly build AI prototypes and applications with a low code framework (Python/R) that makes it easy to deliver innovative solutions by seamlessly integrating backend machine learning capabilities with front end user experiences.


Machine Learning Operations

Use H2O MLOps to monitor models in real-time and set custom thresholds to receive alerts on prediction accuracy and data drift and guarantee deployed models are operating as intended.

AI AppStore

The H2O AI Cloud supports rapid prototyping and solution development, while also fostering collaboration between technical teams and business users. The H2O AI AppStore is the catalyst needed to move you from big ideas to tangible impact with comprehensive machine learning capabilities, a robust explainable AI toolkit, a low code application development framework and integrated machine learning operations.


Flexible Architecture

The H2O AI Cloud is environment agnostic so any company, regardless of their existing infrastructure, can incorporate technologies into their machine learning pipelines.

The Benefits of

Democratise AI and Accelerate AI Results

Easily understand the ‘why’ behind model predictions to build better models and provide explanations of model output at a global level (across a set of predictions) or at a local level (for an individual prediction).

Enterprise-wide AI Scale and Governance

Operate AI across organisations and departments with trust and confidence.

Multi-Cloud and Data Flexibility

Simplify and scale AI with one platform that operates across clouds, on-premises environments, and data sources.

Two of the BI industries giants, and Snowflake, have come together to bring the manufacturing industry a brand new, game-changing solution. Their joint Intelligence Manufacturing Capabilities offer powerful, real-time analytics and insights, enabling faster decision-making, consistent process metrics and minimised delays in the manufacturing process. This partnership provides advanced machine learning capabilities such as autoML, collaborative model management and no-code deep learning for image, video and text data. Their innovative solution can completely transform the manufacturing process by improving efficiency, reducing costs and enhancing supply chain transparency.

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