One-off Special Training Offering

From the 20th of November to the 18th of December, the Billigence UK office will be running complimentary Online Alteryx training sessions on Friday mornings (9:30am) . If you are interested in either learning the basics of Alteryx Software (you can download a free trial here) or improving on your current abilities, don’t miss out on this one time offer for free expert training.

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Alteryx Training Sessions

There are 3 different training topics, ran on different days, all are designed for beginner – intermediate Alteryx users. It is necessary to have Alteryx installed before the session. You can download a 14 day free trial here. The course will cover the following topics:

Introduction to Alteryx and Basic Data Cleansing/Preparation

Training Dates: 20th November, 11th December

Introduction to Alteryx Designer

  • What is Alteryx and who can you use it?
  •  Become familiar with the interface and terminology
  •  How to save and share workflows
  •  Connecting to files and databases

Familiarise yourself with the very basics of Alteryx Designer

Intro to Alteryx - Connecting to Files

Data Cleansing and Preparation

  • Learn to cleanse your data using a formula tool or by the in-built Data Cleansing tool
  •   Remove duplicates and sort
  •   Filter records and generate multiple rows for a given expression
  •   Perform simple calculations via the Formula for both string and numeric fields to either add/update fields

Learn how to cleanse and prep data with Alteryx

Data Cleansing with Alteryx example

Datetime Parsing and Formatting/Data Blending

Training Dates: 27th November, 18th December

Datetime Parsing and Formatting

  • Convert Strings to Alteryx Datetime Standard Format
  • Perform Date and Datetime Calculations

Learn how to utilise datetime parsing and formatting in Alteryx

DateTime Parsing Alteryx

Data Blending (Join, Union, Append)

  • Blend your data to visually perform SQL Joins (Left Join, Inner Join, Right Join)
  • Different Union Types

Learn how to blend data with Alteryx

Data Blending with Alteryx example

Data Transformation / Tips and Tricks

Course Dates: December 4th

Data Transformation

  • Group your data to create a summary table with a range of calculations
  • Pivot your records to aggregate and group your fields

Learn how to transform your data with Alteryx

Data Transformation with Alteryx

Alteryx Tips and Tricks

  • Caching
  •   Demonstration of the Browse tool
  •   Autosaves
  •   Connecting & Reconnecting i.e. Using the Insert After option on tools.
  •   Wireless connections
  •   Results Window filtering/sorting
  •   Changing Canvas colours

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Meet your trainer

The training sessions will be run by Billigence consultant Tayyab.

Tayyab Shariff BI Consultant Training Photo

Tayyab Shariff – Business Intelligence Analyst for Billigence

Tayyab is a BI Analyst, who helps transform business performance with data driven insights and expert consultancy. He specialises in Analytical Process Automation and Data Visualisation.

Tayyab has strong analytical and BI tools experience – ETL, SQL, Reporting. Proficient in data prep & analysis via Alteryx and building dynamic, interactive Tableau dashboard reports.

He specialises in utilising Alteryx, Tableau and SQL.

Who are Billigence?

We are global business intelligence company, who transforms the way our clients work with data. We are genuinely dedicated to providing market-leading solutions delivered by a talented team of experts to help our clients realise their full potential. 

For over 10 years, we have been delivering software training sessions for our clients across the globe. Our combined knowledge can guide you through your data evolution in your specific industry. If you are looking for a more specific training, please contact us with more details and we will get in touch with us to see how we can help. We can deliver our trainings both in person or online.

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