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Learn how to be confident that data insights are from “single sources of truth” with capabilities within Tableau that make the best data governance practices second nature to a business. Learn also how to access insights faster with automated delivery using Tableau’s data alert functionality. Tableau is helping organisations quickly transform their ad-hoc queries into easily automated reporting, reliably delivering trusted insights right where they are needed. Tableau can accelerate your organisation’s journey towards becoming data-driven, and empower your non-technical staff to rapidly discover and share their own insights.

The webinar will focus on the following key business problems.


o   Certification of data sources/validation/accountability:

  • Removing end-users’ need to validate published data means more time can be spent analysing and acting upon surfaced insights.
  • “Single source of truth” – A simple concept that is not common in practice.
  • Providing a contact for each data source helps direct inevitable follow up questions and improves auditability.

o   Data discovery

  • Tagging/data source descriptions can reduce the misuse of data and greatly improve the speed of data discovery.
  • Again this is something that is not that common in practice.

o   Automated delivery

  • The push instead of pull BI concept. The data alert functionality can provide great business value, informing users as soon as data is updated rather than regular report delivery which should be attractive to time-poor  execs/leadership.
  • Helps organisations sync common understanding and awareness of trends and insights in their data




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