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Transform data using modelling and preparation with Billigence and dbt Labs

Billigence is a preferred provider for building infrastructure and workflows that complement and extend dbt’s capabilities.

This award recognises Billigence as being an expert in dbt Cloud and an active participant within the community.

Why dbt Labs?

dbt Labs offers powerful enterprise-level data engineering and analytics services on top of the open-source dbt tool. It seamlessly works with modern data warehouses like Snowflake, BigQuery and Redshift, empowering users to write SQL-based data transformation code that is version-controlled, tested and deployed in a data pipeline fashion. dbt streamlines data-driven decisions and enhances operational efficiency with built-in features including their renowned Cloud Scheduler and an Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Why Billigence?

As a dbt Preferred Consulting Partner, we have a deep understanding of their solutions. Our knowledge and experience give us a distinct advantage when tailoring solutions for our clients. By choosing us as your trusted partner, you can confidently navigate the complexities of dbt and harness its full potential to drive transformative growth and stay ahead in today’s data-driven landscape.

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dbt Labs Products Explained

Unlock collaborative analytics with dbt Cloud, a SQL-first transformation workflow empowering teams to deploy production-grade data pipelines seamlessly. Embrace modularity, portability, CI/CD and documentation best practices. Scale effortlessly and eliminate setup challenges and data silos to experience the new data transformation standard.

Data modernisation empowers teams to streamline the data transformation process and elevate productivity. It allows businesses to future-proof their processes with systems built to support longevity. With this agile solution, process become more adaptable so sudden changes can be adapted to without missing a beat.

Key benefits: 

  • Enhanced scalability and flexibility with cloud-native solutions, allowing for seamless expansion and adaptability. 
  • Improve data governance capabilities with an end-to-end understanding of data dependencies across workflows. 
  • Make the most efficient use of your cloud warehouse resources, regardless of workload volume or variety for better overall cost efficiency. 

Simplify high-complexity systems faster, with better quality, and gain a set of features that make governance easier—for a more collaborative, trusted and effective team. Protect data models and pipelines with built-in guardrails like audit logs, job fail notifications and fine-grained access control.

Key benefits: 

  • Allow data analysts and engineers to standardise workflows on the same platform, with a single source of truth for metrics.
  • Use role and access governance to control who can make changes and ensure that only quality transformations make it into production.
  • Enhance data governance by limiting errors and make auditing a breeze with automation, version control, testing and visual lineage.

Building models with modular code instead of monolithic script allows businesses to be selective about what runs and when. Capability to leverage existing data, instead of rebuilding it reduces bloated data warehouses. Whilst retiring obsolete data sets is easy and decreases wasted compute resources spent on processing data that’s no longer in use. 

Key benefits: 

  • Find opportunities to trim compute usage with full visibility into what’s running and when.
  • Enhance data efficiency by utilising pre-existing data and minimising redundancy
  • Identify outdated models and work with their auto-documented owners to deprecate them. 

Data Vault is built to manage complete, enterprise data systems and support large-scale development. The inclusion of dbt packages like AutomateDV provides templates for all the standard Data Vault 2.0 features needed to build a data vault model, with code created by expert practitioners. 

Key benefits: 

  • Build at maximum scale with template-driven development to build and scale to over five thousand Data Vault components. 
  • Increase productivity with an intuitive development environment, automatic documentation and built-in lineage. 
  • Produce reliable data products with integrated testing at every step and code change management. 

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