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Raw Data to Real Decisions

Data Warehousing is the foundation upon which data-driven enterprises build their strategy and operations. By organising, storing, and managing vast amounts of data, it acts as a cornerstone for insightful analytics and informed decision-making. This ensures companies are well-equipped to excel in data science & AI initiatives.

Our team of data warehousing and cloud experts curate and optimise data storage architecture, transforming raw data into a well-structured, accessible asset and a product forming part of data mesh. We have the power to organise data on-premises however, there has been a notable shift to cloud services which we have embraced wholeheartedly. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, we empower our clients to unlock the full potential of their data repositories, allowing for streamlined analytics and data-driven initiatives.

Understanding Data Warehousing

Data warehousing involves storing, managing and analysing large volumes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. It enables easier data integration, transformation and retrieval of data insights whilst making data accessible for data science and AI purposes.

Why Businesses are Embracing Cloud Data Warehousing

Businesses are embracing cloud data warehousing thanks to its scalability, cost-effectiveness and flexibility. The cloud model allows for rapid deployment and real-time data analysis, supporting agile decision-making. It eliminates the need for physical hardware and on-premises maintenance, reducing the total cost of ownership and making it an incredibly convenient option. Moreover, cloud solutions easily integrate with various data sources and advanced analytics tools.

Why should I invest in it?

  • Rocket
    Scalability: The cloud is both scalable and elastic meaning your cloud system can grow or shrink dynamically depending on your demands. That means it can keep up no matter the size of the business.
  • Security
    Security: Our cloud partners all demonstrate their focus on security through their respective portfolios of compliance reports and certifications. Rest easy knowing your data is encrypted and safely stored.
  • Cost saving
    Savings: Minimising ongoing operational expenses offers a cost advantage over traditional on-premise systems. Flexible pricing models and reduced maintenance enable smarter resource allocation.

The Best of Breed Data Warehousing Partners

Snowflake Logo


Snowflake offers a cloud-native data warehousing solution designed for high-performance analytics and scalability. It supports unstructured, semi-structured and structured data types and allows for near real-time data sharing among different business units. With its unique architecture, Snowflake separates storage and computing tasks, optimising for both cost and performance. It integrates seamlessly with advanced analytics tools, providing businesses with the flexibility and power they need to make decisions. 

dbt Labs

dbt Labs provides a software solution that focuses on analytics engineering, streamlining the workflow between data analysts and data engineers. The platform allows for the transformation of raw data within a cloud data warehouse using SQL, facilitating best practices in version control and documentation. dbt Labs enables DevOps workflows, helping teams produce reliable, well-documented datasets for analytics, making it easier to derive business value from data. 


Matillion delivers cloud-native ETL solutions optimised for cloud data warehouses like Snowflake. Its intuitive interface simplifies the complex task of data transformation and integration. With a wide array of pre-built connectors for various data sources, Matillion accelerates the time-to-value for your data projects. It allows businesses to transform raw data into actionable insights efficiently, making it a critical component in a modern data stack. 

Use Cases

Real-Time Data

Continuously collect and analyse data from various sources to enable immediate insights for operational adjustments, market responsiveness and data-driven decision-making. 

Data Insights

Effortlessly aggregate disparate data sets to enable comprehensive reporting capabilities. Benefit from quicker access to data to make important decisions without time-intensive processes. 


Harness Machine Learning and Large Language Models by feeding them high quality data from cloud warehouses. Streamline predictive analytics, customer segmentation and advanced capabilities.


Easily scale storage and computing power up or down based on your specific business needs. Experience unparalleled flexibility and adapt to market trends and business objectives swiftly. 


Security and high availability are standard with cloud data warehouses. Ensure uninterrupted data access and safeguard critical business data with automated backups and disaster recovery options. 


Benefit from exceptionally robust security measures such as end-to-end encryption, both at rest and during data transit, advanced user access controls and comprehensive auditing capabilities. 

Speciality Services

Cloud Migration Packages

Billigence’s Cloud MVP Packages offer a range of options, including small, medium, large and extra-large sizes, tailored to meet your specific needs. We use our wealth of experience and a proven agile blueprint to implement advanced cloud solutions.