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Data Visualisation

Democratising Data Analytics

The establishment of a solid analytics self-service capability is critical to success and intuitive, but detailed, dashboards can facilitate just that. By bringing data to life with interactive data visualisation businesses empower their teams to make decisions based on facts – not assumptions.

At Billigence, we have the knowledge and experience to help businesses transform their data into powerful insights. Our specialist team is renowned for giving data a voice that communicates complex stories with clean illustrations that then provide deeper context with filtering capabilities. 

Understanding Data Visualisation

Data visualisation is an integral component of modern business strategies, offering a graphical representation of data to facilitate impactful decision-making. It encompasses a range of techniques and tools, from basic charts and graphs to complex interactive dashboards, designed to make data easily comprehensible, actionable and engaging.  

Why Businesses are Embracing it

Visualising data portrays complex data and translates intricate calculations into insightful analytics. Effective dashboards can inspire business users to unearth the insights they need without the help of technical teams. 

Why should I invest in it?

  • Exploration
    Exploration: Dive deeper into data to identify not just correlations and trends, but also hidden patterns that offer actionable insights.
  • Data & Analytics Strategy
    Analytics Culture: Foster an environment where users of all skill levels can intuitively navigate and engage with data.
  • Custom
    Customisation: Craft specialised dashboards tailored to unique operational needs that, in turn, delivering highly relevant insights.

The Best of Breed Data Visualisation Partners


Tableau is a market-leading platform that helps people and organisations become more data-driven through data visualisation. Their solutions and platforms provide the breadth and depth of capabilities that enterprises need and adapt to your environment with unmatched flexibility and choice. With the help of Tableau, businesses can integrate dashboards to explore, visualise and share data insights, fostering a culture of collaboration and insights-based decision-making. 


Alteryx is a powerful solution for businesses seeking to streamline their data analysis and visualisation processes. Alteryx Auto Insights is particularly powerful for users looking to simplify data analysis by automating the production of insights. The Alteryx reporting functions offer a wide array of capabilities that enable organisations to transform raw data into meaningful insights and visually appealing reports.  

Sigma Computing Logo

Sigma Computing excels in advanced data visualisation, offering an intuitive, innovative platform that transforms complex data sets into clear, actionable insights. Tailored for seamless integration and user-friendly interaction, Sigma’s tools enable businesses to effortlessly explore, analyse and share data-driven stories, fostering a culture of informed decision-making and strategic collaboration.

Use Cases

Identifying hidden insights

By navigating through intricate and large datasets through an intuitive dashboard, hidden business insights have the potential to spring forth from the screen. Revealing these concealed patterns enriches awareness and sharpens decision-making. 

Improved decision making

Visualisations have the power to lift the fog of uncertainty around data, enhancing precision in strategic decisionmaking. This clarity is achieved by streamlining the insights process and serves as a catalyst for actionable steps in business planning. 

Enhanced Data Comprehension

The simplified view of data visualisation becomes the bridge that connects raw data to the minds of stakeholders, allowing them to comprehend it with ease. This enhanced understanding serves as a cornerstone for informed business planning across departments. 

Collaboration and communication

The mastery of data analysts in navigating complex datasets is one thing; conveying those insights to non-technical stakeholders is another. This gap is bridged through visual storytelling, which fosters improved communication and collaboration. 

Enhanced Reporting

By elevating the quality of reporting through a comprehensive view of essential metrics, stakeholders are equipped with the crucial information they need. This refines the process of strategic choices, making it more informed and results-oriented. 

Competitive Advantage

Gaining a competitive advantage is not just about identifying problems; it’s about understanding their root causes for targeted solutions. The depth achieved in expertly built visualisations can be leveraged to create a competitive edge. 

Speciality Services


Tableau Accelerators are pre-built dashboards that users can connect their data to so they can get started quickly on analysis. Billigence created a Workforce Planning Accelerator that provides insights into HR functions including salary and tenure tracking. 

Server Health Check

Tableau Server is relied upon to deliver information on-demand but as data evolves its performance needs to be monitored to mitigate potential issues. Billigence’s Tableau Experts are doctors for software; completing detailed health checks and after-care plans. 


Our experts make their knowledge your knowledge during our comprehensive training in Tableau, Alteryx and other tools such as PowerBI. Choose from our standard packages or request custom sessions, available both online and in person.