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Data Science & Predictive Analytics Training

Empowering Business Analysts to Become Citizen Data Scientists

Data science and predictive analytics are your gateway to transforming data into strategic foresight. Our expertly crafted training syllabus, developed from years of global insights, empowers your business to navigate the future with confidence. With the power of Alteryx Designer, we enable you to unlock the story your data is waiting to tell, preparing you to not just react to change but to drive it.

What is Predictive Analytics?

It’s a proactive stance in a reactive world, allowing organisations to classify and predict future trends and behaviours by analysing historical and current data. It’s a tool applicable to every industry and indispensable for organisations of every size, enabling them to leverage their unique data and domain knowledge to forge a path of success. In a landscape where insights can make or break a business’s competitive edge, embracing predictive analytics isn’t just an optionit’s a necessity.  

Why Alteryx is our Predictive Analytics Ally

Alteryx stands out for its user-friendly interface, offering drag-and-drop functionality that democratises data analytics, making it accessible to users of all skill levels. Its swift processing capabilities significantly reduce time to insight, allowing for rapid transformation of data into actionable intelligence.

The Training Syllabus

Embark on a journey to next-level forecasting and classification insights with our Alteryx experts. Designed for data-centric professionals (intermediate to advanced users), this course can be run in one day or split into two engaging half-day sessions. It will provide your team with a concise introduction to predictive analytics and data science and enable them to create and apply automated predictive models to their data. 

Common Future Predictions

Pricing & Demand Forecasting

  • Demand forecasting: Utilise market trends and historical data to efficiently forecast production and supply needs. 
  • Pricing optimisation: Analyse consumer behaviour and market conditions to strategically adjust pricing for optimal sales. 
  • Inventory management: Determine optimal stock quantities to minimise surplus and avoid shortages, balancing cost against demand.

Understanding & Customer Predictions

  • Churn prediction/retention: Identify customers likely to disengage, allowing for targeted retention strategies to be deployed. 
  • Customer satisfaction prediction: Project future customer satisfaction levels to inform and guide service quality enhancements. 
  • Customer segmentation: Classify customers into strategic groups for personalised marketing and improved service delivery. 

Guide Product Development

  • Product research/sales: Provide insights into consumer needs and potential sales performance, driving informed product development. 

Optimise & Target Marketing Activities

  • Ad campaign optimisation: Fine-tune advertising efforts by predicting the efficacy and reach of different marketing campaigns. 
  • Campaign success and targeting: Evaluate potential campaign successes to better target desired customer demographics and behaviours.

Manage the Workforce

  • Employee retention: Analyse workforce data to uncover and address factors influencing employee turnover and loyalty.

Please note, we understand training isn’t one size fits all. Our syllabus can customised and targeted to meet your requirements.

Data Science & Predictive Analytics Training

During this session, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of Tableau Desktop’s essential components and explore the dynamic Tableau Workspace. This training is designed for new Tableau users, excel users, analysts and project managers.

  • Calendar
    1 - 2 Days
  • Students
    8-10 attendees | One tutor


  • Introduction to predictive analytics and the data science lifecycle  
  • Exploratory data analysis 
  • Data preparation and pre-processing 
  • Supervised vs un-supervised learning 
  • Training and test datasets 
  • Introduction to machine learning algorithms / predictive modelling 
  • Model training and evaluation 
  • Deploying models with Alteryx Server