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Data Governance Specialist

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Data Governance Specialists are professionals focused on the management and quality of data within an organisation. Their role is pivotal in ensuring that data is accurate, consistent, secure, and used responsibly. They are responsible for tasks such as stewardship, metadata management, tracing data lineage, building governance workflows and creating data dictionaries. Utilising various governance frameworks and tools, they facilitate data stewardship and compliance, thereby strengthening an organisation’s data infrastructure. 

Common Responsibilities:

  • Data Prep and Modelling
    Data Stewardship: Establishing and enforcing guidelines for data management and usage, ensuring compliance and data integrity. This involves collaborating with various departments to create a unified set of rules and standards that govern how data should be handled, stored and accessed across the organisation.
  • Tick
    Data Quality: Implement quality assurance policies and practices to ensure data accuracy and consistency. This not only includes running regular audits and checks to validate data, but also involves liaising with data providers and consumers to correct any inaccuracies and ensure alignment with business goals.
  • Data Warehouse
    Metadata Management: Maintain a metadata repository to facilitate data lineage, data cataloging and data discovery. By improving metadata quality, organisations can benefit from access to a centralised hub from where users can quickly understand the origins, transformations, and uses of data, helping to improve efficiency and trust in data assets.
  • Security
    Data Privacy and Compliance: Ensure that data handling and storage comply with relevant laws and regulations including those from ASIC, APRA and regional laws. This involves keeping up to date with the latest data protection legislation, conducting risk assessments and implementing security measures to safeguard sensitive information.
  • Data Transformatin
    Policy Development: Formulate and document data governance policies and procedures, emphasizsing transparency and accountability. These documents serve as the foundational framework for the data governance program, outlining roles, responsibilities and processes to ensure that data is managed and used in a compliant and effective manner.

Data Governance Specialists also engage in data auditing, cross-functional collaboration, data architecture alignment, change management, user training, monitoring, reporting and optimisation. 

What Sets Billigence's Data Governance Specialists Apart

Billigence’s Data Governance Specialists possess a proven record of accomplishment across a variety of sectors and excel in the deployment of advanced data governance frameworks. Highly skilled in areas such as data quality, compliance, and metadata management, they go beyond mere technical proficiency to offer a keen business perspective that adds real value to our clients’ operations. They are adept at tailoring data governance strategies that not only ensure data integrity, quality and security but also empower clients to make informed, strategic decisions.