Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

Billigence is Committed to CSR

Billigence is committed to sustainable, responsible business practices. We strive to have a positive impact environmentally, socially and economically.

Some of the practices we have in place include:

Opportunities for young people

Billigence have developed a Global Professional Development Framework which aims to help young graduates develop their skills, experience and confidence within the workplace. We have an active recruitment drive for young graduates globally. To date we have provided employment opportunities for 30 graduates; including 8 within NSW (Sydney office). Young graduates now represent 10% of our workforce.

We are passionate about sports and active recreation and support several local schemes designed to empower young people. We are a key sponsor of the Triathlon NSW Junior Academy, and Go-Series which provides programs for children aged 5-15 to become active in sport. We are also involved with local community NGO, Tri-Focus, with whom we provide coaching support for young people to train for triathalons. These schemes provide important diversionary activities for young people which are proven to help them build confidence, self-independence and other skills crucial to their development and entry to the workplace.

Empowering the future of female IT leaders

As part of our commitment to social responsibility, we sponsor several schemes aimed at boosting the confidence and expertise of girls and women within technology. This includes schemes such as ‘Data Girls’ (CZ) which helps women, girls and children to explore the world of information technology. We also host a quarterly Women’s Lunch event with female leaders and team members from our client-base. Through this we share leadership expertise and boost confidence and empowerment amongst women within the field of technology and IT.

Charity Work

We are a key participant and donor to charities and perennially donate to different charitable organisations. We also host a yearly charity cycling tour called The Prague Orbitin which we connect people who are enthusiastic about bike riding and support a charity together. In 2019, we raised €4400 for the for the Association of Parents and Friends of the “DAR” Center, who help support parents from local income backgrounds who’s children have physical or mental disabilities in the Czech Republic.

Ethical and environmental sustainable manufacturers and suppliers

Our de-facto policy is to use local suppliers for consumables where possible.

Billigence promotes environmentally sustainable behaviours throughout its worldwide offices and business activities, including:

  • Adopting a digital-first strategy – this includes reducing our air and road travel and subsequent carbon footprint by choosing virtual meetings as our first choice of communication.
  • Mandating that public transport is our primary means of travel.
  • Minimisation of waste – including use single-use plastics, for example by providing staff with reusable cups and kitchenware.
  • Being paperless, and printing on an exception-only basis.
  • Working with our clients to help design the most efficient solutions architecture and minimising energy waste where possible.

Through these commitments we aim to make a positive impact to our staff members, clients and the wider community.

Dreams For Life

Dreams for Life is a not-for-profit organisation that supports young, vulnerable children living in poverty by providing access to quality childhood education programs. The initiative currently helps educate children in Indonesia, with a goal to support closing the global education gap. The Dreams for Life Team understand that the formative early years of a child’s life is critical for cognitive, social, emotional and physical development.

Billigence is a proud corporate sponsor of the charity, with our CEO Jana Kapr on the charity board. Dreams for Life is currently fundraising to provide 1,000 early childhood aged children with an education in 2020. If you are interested in donating, please visit the link below.

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