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Collibra Software is an enterprise-oriented data governance platform for data management and stewardship. It empowers businesses to find meaning in their data and improve business decisions. With one shared platform, business users and IT can collaborate to form a data-driven culture using the Collibra product suite.


Broad spectrum of APIs allow for seamless integration and innovation.


Enterprise security and scalability to meet your standards for reliability, privacy and compliance


Collibra makes it possible for Business and IT to integrate workflows closely.

Data Governance - Our Expertise

As Collibra partners, we have certified consultants with in-depth knowledge and expertise across a range of leading industries and disciplines. In this video, two Billigence team members (Data Governance Consultant Graham Pearman and Collibra Solutions Architect Saravan Kumar) explore data governance from an academic and practical perspective. They overview the challenges that organisations face when looking to implement effective data governance practices. If your business is looking to improve its organisational data processes, get in touch to see how we can help

Benefits of Collibra Software 

Gain full visibility across your data landscape  

Secure Data Infrastructure

The Collibra platform is a secure place to organise, process, manage and access data.

Competitive Data Management

Enterprise-oriented software allows businesses to organise and manage data assets, policies and rules.

Integrate your Ecosystem

Deliver active data governance and link existing data sources.

Data Catalog

Allow business users to quickly access critical data with the Collibra Catalog.

Easy Data Access

Understand data context through annotating, tagging and documenting data.

We are official Collibra Partners

As Collibra Partners, we provide professional consulting and implementation services for our clients. With our global reach, we have the expertise to unlock business value – whether you are initiating a new project or optimising your current deployment.

Collibra Implementation Approach

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We can help you implement Collibra in your business, or provide expert consultancy. Get in touch.

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The Collibra Solution


Easy Data Access

Highest Class Security

Connect Business & IT

Mobile Flexibility

Reduce time to structured data

Automate Compliance

Deliver Insights

Trusted by the Best

Gartner Peer Insight Reviews

Collibra - Gartner - Peer Insights
Product Capabilities 89%
Metadata Repositories 88%
Business Glossary 92%
Data Lineage 79%
Impact Analysis 74%
Rule Management 82%
Semantic Frameworks 78%
Metadata Ingestion & Translation 76%
Service & Support 82%
Evaluation & Contracting 86%
Integration & Deployment 80%
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