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Transform Data into a Trusted Asset with Collibra and Billigence

As a Gold Partner, we play a strategic role in helping our clients access, implement and get value from Collibra products. We deliver top-notch services including, but not limited to, advisory, implementation and integration.

This annual award is given to the partner that has the highest achievement of success for meeting and surpassing their partner tier requirements. This includes excellent client experience and unmatched innovation.

Why Collibra?

Collibra Software is an enterprise-oriented data governance platform for data management and stewardship. It empowers businesses to find meaning in their data and improve business decisions. With one shared platform, business users and IT can collaborate to form a data-driven culture using the Collibra product suite.

Collibra Software Logo

Why Billigence?

As Collibra partners, we have certified consultants with in-depth knowledge and expertise across a range of leading industries and disciplines. We work with our clients to deliver exceptional solutions that unite their business and instil trust in their data for every use, every user and across every source.  

We have extensive experience with:

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Collibra Products Explained

The Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud is a comprehensive, cloud-based platform designed to break down traditional data silos. It provides an integrated suite of services, including data governance, data catalog, data privacy and data quality, all under one umbrella. This platform is built for scalability and flexibility, accommodating the diverse and evolving data needs of any organisation.

Collibra’s Data Quality and Observability provides tools to measure and track data quality, allowing for the proactive identification and resolution of issues. The solution offers visibility into data anomalies, redundancies, or inaccuracies, ensuring that data is accurate, reliable and consistent. This product is designed to foster trust in data and drive data-driven decision-making. 

Key benefits: 

  • It helps to create a reliable, trustworthy data foundation that businesses can trust for decision-making. 
  • It enables real-time monitoring and observability of data quality, helping to detect and address issues quickly. 
  • It aids in meeting regulatory compliance requirements by ensuring data accuracy and consistency. 

The Data Lineage product provides a visual representation of data’s journey through systems and processes. It tracks data from its origin through its various transformation stages, helping users understand how data is manipulated, where it moves and how it’s interconnected. This transparency allows for comprehensive impact analysis, accurate reporting and fosters trust in data by providing users with a clear understanding of its history and trajectory.

Key benefits: 

  • It provides a clear understanding of where data comes from and how it transforms over time. 
  •  It enables organisations to perform impact analysis of changes in data systems. 
  • By visualising data flow, it creates trust in the data and the processes that modify it.

The Collibra Data Catalog is designed to provide users with a single source of access to all their data resources. It collects, organises and enriches metadata, making it easier for users to find, understand and trust the data they need. With features such as data profiling, data scoring and automatic classification, the Data Catalog empowers users to fully leverage their data assets and democratises access to data across the organisation. 

Key benefits: 

  • It makes data readily discoverable and accessible across the organisation. 
  • It provides context and meaning to data, helping users understand data relevance and usefulness.
  • It fosters collaboration among teams by sharing data insights and knowledge.

Collibra Protect safeguards sensitive data by allowing the implementation of no-code policies that regulate access levels for different user groups. This system allows users to construct and administer policies in a centralised location and apply them across various cloud platforms, thereby ensuring consistent protection of sensitive data. The intuitive Protect interface allows user to directly enforce data protection at the source database level and employ advanced data protection measures, such as masking, redaction and hashing.

Key benefits:

  • Empowers Data Stewards to swiftly create and implement policies without the need for coding or reliance on Data Engineers, Architects, or Admins, thereby enhancing the speed of delivery.
  • Provides complete visibility and establishes a single source of truth for Data Stewards, fostering an environment of transparency and accountability.
  • Offers real-time monitoring of data protection measures, allowing for the prompt detection and resolution of potential issues.

Collibra’s Data Governance product is a system that helps organisations manage, protect and maximise the value of their data assets. It offers a centralised platform for defining, implementing, and tracking data policies and standards. The product supports a wide range of governance roles and workflows, enabling organisations to have a clear view of their data landscape, maintain regulatory compliance and promote a culture of data responsibility.

Key benefits: 

  • It helps in defining and managing data policies and standards. 
  • It supports regulatory compliance by maintaining data in accordance with governance policies. 
  • It provides visibility into data processes and usage, promoting transparency and trust. 

Collibra’s Data Privacy product assists organisations in effectively managing data privacy and meeting compliance with global privacy regulations like the GDPR. It provides features to map, classify and catalog sensitive data, along with conducting privacy risk assessments. The product helps ensure that personal and sensitive data is handled responsibly, which is crucial in an era of stringent data privacy laws and heightened public awareness of data rights. 

Key benefits: 

  • It helps organisations to maintain compliance with various data privacy laws. 
  • It supports the identification and mitigation of data privacy risks. 
  • It can help build trust with customers by demonstrating a commitment to data privacy. 

Our Collibra Offerings


New software can be tricky and working out how to deploy it into an existing architecture can be even trickier. We can help you plan, prepare processes and implement effectively so you get the best possible results without the headaches.


Say goodbye to licensing headaches! We are registered resellers of Collibra and can help you get your account sorted in no time. We’ll have you up and running with minimal hassle and maximum satisfaction, so you can focus on what really matters.


Whether you want in-person or online training, our experts can help you propel your abilities in just a few short days. Select from our standard training packages or request a customised session, we are here to help.

Collibra Optimisation Services

Our suite of optimisation solutions can be utilised as a complete package or individually. Each solution is designed to be flexible, allowing it to be implemented within your existing architecture.

14 Days for Free. No Strings Attached

Want to try it for yourself? Download a 14-day free trial below and test drive preconfigured use cases of the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud. If you decide you’re ready to implement Collibra afterwards, our experts can help you get your licences organised and your implementation started.