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CLV Analytics

360° View of Customers

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) analytics is essential for businesses aiming for a competitive edge. It offers a nuanced understanding of long-term customer value, enabling targeted marketing and resource allocation. In an era flooded with data, this focused approach is critical for long-term profitability and sustainability.  

Billigence transforms customer data into a key advantage, turning raw data into actionable insights. We don’t just make data speak, we articulate complex customer narratives through clean, context-rich visualisations. In addition, Xction.ai, our latest offering, is designed to enhance decision-making for businesses. This AI-powered tool provides strategic recommendations for the next best actions.

Understanding CLV Analytics

This area delves into the quantification of long-term customer value, guiding strategic decisions. It incorporates customer segmentation, lifetime profitability forecasting, churn rate analysis, and personalised engagement tactics, offering a multi-dimensional view crucial for sustainable business growth.

Why Businesses are Embracing it

Companies are turning to CLV Analytics as a powerful tool for future-proofing their operations. It enables targeted investment in customer relationships, yielding higher retention rates and increased revenue. Additionally, the insights gleaned assist in fine-tuning product offerings and marketing strategies, driving operational efficiency and market differentiation.

Why should I invest in it?

  • Money
    Profitability: It enables businesses to identify high-value customers, allowing for targeted investment in those relationships. This results in optimised marketing spend and increased overall profitability.
  • goal
    Strategic Alignment: Understanding the long-term value of customers helps in aligning marketing, sales and customer service strategies, ensuring a cohesive approach to business operations.
  • People
    Customer Retention: By identifying the factors that influence customer loyalty, CLV analytics helps to reduce churn rates. This preserves valuable customer relationships and builds brand loyalty.

The Best of Breed CLV Analytics Partners


Utilising Alteryx’s advanced data blending and predictive analytics capabilities, a robust CLV analytics solution can be achieved. Alteryx allows for quick data cleansing, enrichment and analysis, enabling a granular understanding of customer behaviour. The insights can then inform stakeholders when designing profitable strategies – both short-term and long-term. 

Salesforce Logo

Salesforce’s CRM platform works with rich customer data collected within Salesforce to deeply analyse and determine lifetime value, providing a 360-degree view of customer interactions. This all-encompassing view allows businesses to make quick but impactful changes based on data rather than instinct.

Use Cases

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Predictive analytics are used to segment customers by their lifetime value, allowing for highly personalised and more effective marketing campaigns that amplify engagement.

Optimisation & Resource Allocation

Sales teams can prioritise high-CLV customers for acquisition and upselling, while customer service resources can be allocated to engage with these valuable segments, maximising ROI and satisfaction. 

Product Recommendations

Implement smart algorithms to suggest products or services aligned with the predicted future value of each customer. This ensures that recommendations are not only personalised but also strategically aimed at maximising long-term profitability. 

Churn Prediction

CLV analytics help to identify customers who are at risk of churning. By spotting the signs early, businesses can intervene with targeted promotions or outreach to retain these valuable customers, preserving long-term revenue streams. 

Customer Segmentation

Instead of just segmenting customers based on immediate sales or demographics, use CLV to categorise them by their long-term value. This enables more nuanced strategies and tactics and, as a result, better allocation of resources across different customer groups. 

Pricing Strategies

Utilise CLV analytics to develop pricing models that incentivise long-term relationships with customers. Offering tiered pricing or loyalty programs encourages customer retention and rewards those who bring the most value over time.