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Cloud Solution Architect

Cloud Built, Future Driven

A Cloud Solution Architect is responsible for crafting and implementing cloud data solutions for organisations. They work at the intersection of business and technology to evaluate the client’s needs and to design comprehensive cloud strategies that are secure, scalable and efficient. 

Common Responsibilities:

  • Design
    Architectural Design: Develop cloud architectures that align with business goals, considering both current and future needs for scalability and adaptability. A successful design reduces costs and simplifies management while allowing for future growth.
  • Data Modelling
    Data Modelling: Designs data structures for efficient storage and quick retrieval. Defines relationships among data points for effective analytics. Ensures that the data is clean and consistent, making it reliable for business decisions.
  • Security
    Security and Compliance: Design and implement security controls and compliance measures to protect data and meet industry-specific regulations like GDPR or APRA. This involves ongoing assessments to identify and mitigate potential risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Planning
    Migration & Integration: Oversee the migration of existing workloads to the cloud, including choosing the appropriate cloud providers and migration tools. Integrate services seamlessly with existing on-premises systems or other cloud-based solutions to prevent inefficiencies.
  • Performance
    Performance Tuning: Continuously monitor and tweak cloud performance for optimised efficiency and scalability, ensuring the architecture remains cost-effective and high-performing. Performance metrics are analysed to make informed decisions on resource allocation.

Cloud Solution Architects also engage in needs assessments, technology selection, cost management, documentation, stakeholder collaboration and continuous improvement activities.

What Sets Our Cloud Solution Architects Apart

Billigence’s Cloud Solution Architects are uniquely positioned to deliver exceptional value due to their deep technical expertise and passion for client success. They excel at creating tailored cloud data solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ specific needs. From needs assessment to architecture design and cost management, their holistic approach ensures that cloud strategies are robust, secure and future-proof. This results in optimised performance and significant business benefits, making our clients more agile and competitive in the digital landscape.