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Department of Planning, Industry & Environment
Improving Collaboration & Engagement Across HR, Purchasing and Payroll
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Key Facts

Client: NSW Government | DPIE

Department: Procurement Analytics

Tech Solution: Alteryx Designer, Connect & Server; Tableau

Challenges Faced:

NSW Government | DPIE


When the 2019 Machinery of Government (MoG) change occurred, signalling the desire to modify the way NSW Government responsibilities are managed, the merger required a number of entities to integrate a significant number of people, processes and technologies. With such a movement of functions, people and tech resources, the Procurement department had to find a way to combine, efficiently access & leverage the data across all systems involved.


DPEI set out to build an enterprise-level, shared services BI & analytics platform leveraging capabilities of Alteryx (Designer, Connect & Server) and Tableau (Desktop & Server) suites. The main criteria taken into consideration during the technology selection phase was its ability to enable and support self-service analytics culture, system robustness and ease-of-use of the solution as well as its ability of being future-proof. The solution roadmap was split in three different phases (Page #3).

Alteryx & Tabluae Premier Partner


With the introduction of MyInsights, DPIE now has an enterprise standards analytics platform that delivers easily understood information at the fingertips of users across the organisation. By breaking down silos through data integration & leveraging the self-service analytics model, it enables users to collaborate, making complex data sets simpler, reliable and easy to access.

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NSW DPIE Case Study