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HB Reavis
Using Tableau to Make Monthly Reporting More Insightful
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HB Reavis
Using Tableau to make Monthly Reporting more Insightful
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Key Facts

Client: HB Reavis

Department: Public Relations

Tech Solution: Tableau

Challenges Faced:

HB Reavis – Building Development


HB Reavis is an international workspace provider that designs, builds & manages its own buildings to enhance productivity and well-being. Operating across six European markets, HB Reavis needs to be continuously aware of its media picture. To stay on top of the latest developments, it relied on a brand awareness monitoring report that, whilst insightful, was strenuous to go through given its length, depth and paper format.


Two Tableau dashboards displays were implemented to overview the most important metrics from the perspective of both global and local performances. Sentiment ratios, top performing authors and a list of articles detailing HB Reavis products and other metrics are all tied to each other, providing full interactivity and allowing further data exploration and drill-downs. This updated, visualised report allows everyone to identify focus areas to look further into, allowing for quick understanding of the current state of affairs in wider context.


The new, simplified reporting allows everyone to review and discuss insights when they are most needed, improving actionability and decision-making. All of this is in an easy-to-understand, interactive format that summarises the most important take-aways and encourages further data exploration. Additionally, the selected template makes subsequent updates to report structure much easier and less time consuming.

"Billigence did a marvellous job. Ever since our first meeting, I knew they’re the right partner to go with. Team’s technical skills swiftly transformed vision into reality, constantly checking if development goes in planned direction. Coupled with in-depth business understanding and friendly people approach, I’m confident where to seek expert resources for our future business intelligence projects."

Jakub Verner, Group PR Manager

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