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Customer Experience Reporting
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Customer Experience Reporting
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Key Facts

Client: one of top 3 Telco Operators

Department: Customer Care

Tech Solution: Tableau 

Challenges Faced:

Customer Journey Reporting using Tableau Sankey Diagram


For one of the biggest and most prominent telecommunication companies worldwide, understanding their client’s journey across omni-channel environment, including customer behaviour, became of crucial importance. As the existing business solution in place didn’t allow for advanced interactive functionality such as powerful filtering or dashboard tooltips, the Customer Care dashboard had to be recreated in Tableau, which lacked native sankey diagram support.


In the first phase, the core of our solution was a manually created sankey diagram, built using a combination of both bar and line charts together. This workaround, however, required higher volumes of data to work and it made loading of the dashboard slower than expected. This led to the creation & use of Tableau sankey chart extension in second phase of the project. This, together with other information in the dashboard, gave insight into customers’ channel hopping, types of devices used, prepaid / postpaid split, plan type, spend & more.


The interactive dashboard, made available to wider Customer Care audience, allowed for better insight into customer behaviour, detailing channel hopping and persona identification, helping simplify processes leading to improved information discovery by providing the right information to the right people at the right time. Quicker dashboard loading was then the proverbial cherry on top.

Interested in utilising Sankey Diagrams in Tableau?

This video demonstrates a Sankey Diagram Tableau Extension we have developed, that is available to trial.

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