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Centralised Tableau Reporting - Enabling Company-wide Insights Access
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Key Facts

Client: SGP Investment Company

Department: Data Management

Tech Solution: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server

Challenges Faced:

Enabling Company-wide Insights Access


With well over US $300 Billion in assets in over 40 countries worldwide, the company is a leader in asset management. Its Data Governance & Management Division oversees a broad range of capabilities such as big data, DWH management and data strategy, working with myriad of databases and data transformation processes. This makes finding and accessing data assets critical to investment decisions as well as operations very difficult.


To improve data asset visibility and access, suite of Tableau dashboards were designed to be embedded within a newly created intranet. This will enable users with self-service capability, allowing them to customise their specific content and provide tailored journeys from the landing page to app drill downs, assisted with navigation & interactivity. Despite using a range of data sources from enterprise DB to SharePoint documents, the dashboards render the latest data in seconds, ensuring quick user adoption and scalability of the solution.


Positive reception of the dashboards by division personnel made for a scalable self-service data portal blueprint that the company can use to leverage the initiative in the rest of the organisation in the future. End users and Data Stewards alike now have full visibility of company data assets in one place, making business-critical decision-making much easier, quicker and actionable process for everyone involved.

Client Feedback

"Thank you Billigence for all the help rendered to our project. It was a fruitful engagement and the working relationship was great during the entire course of this engagement. I appreciate the sense of ownership and responsibility towards the creation of the dashboard and that have made all the difference for our product. I would like to commend your efforts in achieving all these during this short engagement and hope to further engage in the future."

IT Analyst – Data Engineer,┬áSingaporean Financial Institution

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