Triathlon Australia & the Australian Institute of Sport Leverages Data to Gain the Competitive Advantage

Sydney, 15 September 2022 – In elite sport, the margins between first and fourth can be tiny, hundredths of seconds or a millimetre. There has been a significant shift towards capturing, analysing and presenting athletic data so it can be leveraged to drive better results and a significant competitive advantage. 

Triathlon Australia & the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) noted the shift and decided they needed to build out a world-class data capability.

To best achieve the desired outcome, AIS partnered with Billigence, experts in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, to build a cloud-native, scalable and secure data environment that could deliver powerful insights through a data driven approach using Tableau, Snowflake and Matillion solutions. 

“Billigence has allowed us to support more of our system partners to enable better use of their data to inform decision making.” David Fulcher, AIS Sports Intelligence & Analytics Manager

“Billigence helps organisations to deploy leading edge cloud analytics solutions and AIS team strives to be the best. As proud sponsors of Triathlon NSW and ACT, and our very own Billigence Triathlon Pathway Championship Series, we have the joined passion for sport. We very well understand the required outcomes and this partnership is very special to us.” Jana Kapr, Billigence CEO

Working in tandem with Wade Hobbs, Triathlon Australia’s Performance Insight Analyst, Billigence helped create a solution to automate analytics and make them scalable in the cloud. Triathlon Australia needed a data technology stack that could house, transform and display their data effectively.

“Billigence has taken our data capabilities to the next level. Through the use of Snowflake, Matillion and Tableau we are better able to store, access and analyse data that can help inform performance from the grass-roots through to the Olympic Games.” Wade Hobbs, Triathlon Insights Analyst

The solution core was built using Snowflake, a Data Cloud solution that helped unite all triathlon performance data, workloads and users within a single platform. This enables the most advanced forms of analytics and data science, automating essential storing and processing tasks and offering near-unlimited compute power whenever required.

A layer of quality assurance was added using Matillion, a leading cloud-native ETL platform optimised for modern enterprise data teams. The easy-to-use software, with no-code data connector capabilities, integrated easily with Snowflake to ingest and transform Triathlon’s data.

Tableau’s world-leading analytics platform was used to create a data consumption layer for the business. The visual storytelling and collaborative capabilities of the software enable users to explore and understand their data and discover hidden patterns so they can make data-informed decisions.

AIS has an unwavering commitment to leverage the latest technologies and techniques so they can provide their system partners with the best-in-class support. By working with Snowflake, Billigence, Matillion and Tableau, the AIS continues to support the high-performance system to harness the power of data towards gaining a competitive advantage.

Photo courtesy of Triathlon Tiszaujvarosz (European Cup 2022).

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