An Introduction to Tableau

An Introduction to LOD Calculations

Tableau is one of the most powerful business intelligence tools on the market, their groundbreaking solutions help to present data in an informative way through charts and graphs. With its best-in-class functionalities, Tableau can handle data regardless of the level of complexity and transform intricate calculations into insightful visualisations. This is where we will encounter Level of Detail (LOD) calculations.

Tableau vs. Power BI

Tableau vs. Power BI

With data becoming increasingly available and accessible, data visualisation has become crucial in ensuring that complex data relationships and insights are communicated in a way that is easily understood. In this blog, we will analyse two of the most popular data visualisation tools in the market, Tableau and Power BI.

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Building Sales & Social Media Performance Dashboards in Tableau Webinar

In this month’s webinar, our Singapore-based BI consultants Khalisah & Darrick show you how to build Sales and Social Media dashboards in Tableau. Step-by-step, they leverage some of the more advanced features such as Dashboard Actions or Embedded URLs. They also explain what a typical client engagement looks like for Billigence and answer other interesting …

Building Sales & Social Media Performance Dashboards in Tableau Webinar Read More »

Alteryx vs. Tableau Prep

Alteryx vs. Tableau Prep

An in-depth look at two of the most popular data preparation tools. For many organisations, data is at the core of every conversation. More and more businesses are utilising Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to drive key business decisions. However, data has to go through a process workflow before being ready for analysis and visualisation.

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