Heat Maps 101 | Geographic Maps

Heat maps are invaluable visual tools that quickly reveal valuable insights from vast datasets, empowering businesses with a clear and efficient understanding. This article explores the diverse applications of heat maps, some of their different forms and their impact on data analysis and communication.

Time Series Forecasting

In today’s digital landscape many businesses are using outdated methods such as email, file transfer, or APIs to share data internally and externally. These methods can be slow, unsecure and downright unreliable. It’s important to note that data can quickly become stale and outdated quickly and using it in that state makes it difficult to make informed decisions. However, Snowflake’s data sharing capabilities can help solve this problem.

Snowflake Caching | Beyond the Basics

Caching is the process of storing frequently accessed data in a temporary location, such as in memory or on disk, for faster access. By caching data, applications can avoid the time-consuming process of retrieving the same data repeatedly from its original source. This can help improve application performance, reduce network latency and minimise resource usage.

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