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Alteryx Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) Explained

AutoML is the process of applying machine learning models to real-world problems using automation. More specifically, it automates the selection and parameterisation of machine learning models, which can be time consuming and tedious. Alteryx AutoML is a cloud-native tool that enables users to prepare, blend and output data without having to write any lines of code.

Alteryx Cloud | at a Glance

Alteryx Cloud | At a Glance

The industry has been steadily moving toward to the cloud to ease these burdens however, the benefits don’t stop there. Moving to the cloud allows users to easily access data through a browser, democratising analytics and providing the ability to scale.

An Introduction to Computer Vision

Alteryx Designer: An Introduction to Computer Vision

Have you ever stumbled upon a folder that holds past invoices and receipts from years ago that you wish you could include in your current bookkeeping records? What if you had to scan physical receipts from business transactions and upload them into a cloud database? Imagine how tedious it would be to manually input these records into an Excel file every time you receive a new document.

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