Visual Analytics: Dashboard Designing Principles - Tableau Best Practices

Delve into advanced dashboard designing principles through understanding of the design thinking, minimalism & gestalt principles.

Continuing our Tableau Best Practices webinar series, this month’s webinar will focus on advanced dashboard designing principles underpinning class-leading visual analytics.

We’ll follow-up where we left of last time, touching briefly on the topics of visual aesthetics and reading patterns (plus how to break those), only to deep-dive into design thinking, minimalism and gestalt principles. Simply put some advanced techniques to help bring your visualisation skills to another level!

Join us to learn:

  • The importance of good old pen and paper & mind maps :)
  • Why integrity, competency & accountability matters
  • The bread and butter of dashboard & report creation (sustainability, maintainability, reliability, readability & truthfulness)
  • More about white space, typography, images and colours, plus how it all fits together
  • The gestalt principles – enclosure, similarity, proximity & symmetry
  • And more!

We’ll also talk flow, formatting and show you some good examples of the above.

Webinar’s presenter is once again our amazing Sarka HubacekBusiness Intelligence Consultant at Billigence.