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Tableau Accelerators make jumpstarting your analytics easy. Accelerators are pre-built dashboards that help you get started quickly on your data analysis across departments, industries and even cloud-based systems. You can use these dashboards for inspirations or swap out sample data for your own.

With Tableau Accelerators, you can save yourself the daunting task of working on a blank canvas. Don’t waste precious time building from scratch when you can filter by connection type, industry and job function to find a pre-made dashboard to meet your needs. Download, connect your data source and see results instantly, it really is that easy!

When you have your data embedded and your accelerator is ready to go, you can easily share it across teams and departments. This goes a long way in ensuring the stakeholder who needs to be across this information are, with minimal ongoing effort on your part. Tableau Accelerators make it easier to boost analytics adoption across organisations and accelerate time to value thanks to their intuitive and easy to use filters and functionality.

It’s important to note, Accelerators are made by data professionals, whether it be Tableau creators or partners with a relationship to Tableau. This means you can implement accelerators with confidence, knowing that data experts have built these high-quality dashboards with real use cases in mind.

”Our vision for the Tableau Exchange is for it to extend the power of analytics with apps and expert support for everyone at your company. This integrated hub will fuel a world in which analytics is everywhere—adding Accelerators is just the tip of the iceberg.” – Tableau

Billigence’s Workforce Planning Accelerator

Great for HR leaders in any industry.

Our first Tableau Accelerator is designed so you can easily track and gain insights about your workforce. Create an end-to-end human resource overview by including Employee ID, department, employment start/end and reporting dates.

We understand how hard it can be keeping track of employee information and how it can be even harder to see it all in one view. Our accelerator keeps it simple and effective so you can quickly access all the information you need with efficient drill down filters all on one aesthetically pleasing, yet very effective, dashboard.

Spotlight Features

  • Workforce profiles: headcount and growth.
  • Employee salary: overall spend and salary allocation.
  • Employee tenure: average tenure, percentage of in-office/hybrid employees, recruitment timeline.

Getting Started With Tableau

Implementing Billigence’s Workforce Planning Tableau Accelerator is easy – though we’re here to help should you need it.

Aside for the Accelerators, we can assist with many other Tableau-related activities. Whether it’s licensing, user training, strategic and enablement sessions for business or technical audiences, Tableau Server Health Checks, Tableau Extensions or other, we have you covered.

Regardless of your Tableau journey, our skilled Consultants will help you make the most out of it. Decrease time-to-value and start realising benefits today.

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