Predictive Analytics Start-up Package

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Predictive Analytics Start-up Package
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Predictive Analytics Start-up Package

Predictive Analytics Start-up Package
Predictive Analytics Start-up Package

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Predictive Analytics Start-up Package

Model Number: predictive-analytics-start-up-package
We work in tandem with your business to showcase the value of predictive models in solving business challenges, using the right approach and setting ground rules for repeatable data-driven success.
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Predictive Analytics Startup Package

Data science can solve challenges that the majority of businesses face daily. This includes both increased day-to-day efficiency as well as more holistic, strategic challenges. Typical challenges include: 

  • It involves many repetitive data cleansing & prep steps
  • It requires a data scientist with R & Python experience
  • Volume of coding required poses adoption problems
  • Business users often fail to take action based on it

We have found that the best way to showcase the value of predictive models is to work in tandem with the business to solve acute business challenge, using the right approach and setting ground rules for repeatable data-driven success.

Project Aim & Project Phases

The Predictive Analytics Startup Package is a project in which we will work with your business users to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) related to predicting one strategically important business case, based on sample data.Unless required otherwise, project delivery is split between Senior & Junior Consultant, with Senior focusing mostly on data modelling and Junior on data preparation tasks.

Phase 1: Data Cleansing

Cleansing and merging of available data for machine learning purposes. Data sample creation for dimension reduction and modelling purposes.

Deliverable: Data Profile Report

Phase 2: Data Preparation

Further data examination and preparation into appropriate format for analysis and modelling. Data model(s) cohesiveness assessment.

Deliverable: Data Modelling Plan

Phase 3: Modelling

Correlations & dimension reduction techniques utilisation for predictors relationship assessment; use of interpretable ML algorithms.

Deliverable: MVP prototype

Phase 4: Evaluation

Minimum Viable Product prototype presentation to wider audience. Discussion about strengths, weaknesses & iterations roadmap.

Deliverable: Prototype workshop

Phase 5: Deployment (Optional)

Potential to package MVP into user-friendly application. To be discussed in Phase 4 and costed for separately.


The project timeline will vary depending on the complexity of the use-case. Typically, it will run for approximately 6-8 weeks. 


Pricing is dependant on level of customer involvement and scope of the project. Revenue / savings sharing options.

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