Snowflake EMEA Partner of the Year 2021

Billigence Europe has been named "The Snowflake Emerging Partner of the  Year 2021" award winner for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

 The award is a welcome recognition of Billigence’s expertise, commitment to  its customers and achievements in implementing and deploying advanced  analytics using the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Through a successful delivery of the Data Cloud, Billigence  partnered with Snowflake to enable  significant improvement of overall efficiency, time-to market and analytical capabilities for multiple joint customers  in telecom  and retail  industries.

Throughout its 10 years of contribution to Business Intelligence, Billigence has  strived to transform its clients into data-driven companies by improving the  way they work with their data and unlocking value from their information.

For cloud solutions, I see an interesting analogy with BI and data analytics  tools: both technologies aim to make work easier and simpler for the customer  so that they do not require deep technical knowledge, are not associated with  high upfront investments and are not conditioned by complex infrastructure  and management. They work on the basis of self-service, where all business  analysts or decision-makers can use what they need for their business:  quickly, efficiently and economically”, said Tomas Frnka, Billigence VP for  Europe.  

Snowflake delivers the Data Cloud that perfectly meets all  the above prerequisites and benefits; it provides unique performance that can be easily scaled, automates infrastructure management, optimizes parameters  and settings, offers high availability, data protection and is universal; it  supports various resources and can process structured and machine data,  automatically optimizes queries, offers advanced options and tools for sharing,  analysis, visualization and reporting.  

It saves the customer a lot of work that they can devote to their business.  Michael Evans, Billigence Regional Director for UK and Ireland added:  “Snowflake enabled us to quickly prototype a client solution based on large  volumes of data, showing, for example, potential problems in their telecommunication network and supporting faster reaction times to fix the  issues“. 

About Billigence

Billigence helps to transform the way people work with data,  using advanced Business Intelligence solutions with high added value and a  wide range of applications from process digitization through Cloud Data  Warehousing, Visualization, Data Science or Data Governance. It also offers  clients comprehensive customer support and development services.