Salesforce Data Cloud for Tableau | At a Glance

It’s no secret that being a customer-focused business can give you a competitive edge. But, to be truly customer focused you need to understand your customer. Manually finding the necessary data and getting it in the pipeline to be formatted and analysed, can be time consuming and tedious. That’s where the Salesforce Data Cloud for Tableau comes in.

“Data Cloud for Tableau is the fastest and most scalable way to unlock customer data and help deliver actionable, real-time insights.” – Tableau

What is Salesforce Data Cloud for Tableau?

Salesforce Data Cloud for Tableau is a new offering that enables native access to Salesforce data directly within Tableau. This connection makes it easy to visualise, automate, explore and act on insights, allowing users to unlock customer value and make decisions swiftly.

This integration provides users with a more streamlined approach to analyse and visualise customer data, increasing revenue, efficiency and productivity. Tableau customers can now leverage the Salesforce Data Cloud to access a range of data sets, including those related to sales, marketing and customer service. It can help users gain a deeper understanding of customer behaviour and personalise customer experiences.

Five Ways Data Cloud and Tableau Work Together


Step one is to use the built-in connectors to bring all the data together – whether current or historical. This can include live data streams, data from web and mobile and APIs integrated with MuleSoft to bring in external data from legacy systems or proprietary data lakes.


Data Cloud for Tableau harmonises all the data into a knowledge graph to give you a 360 view of the customers. After the data is ingested, AI modelling is used on the graph to map relationships between the data points. This process enriches the results significantly.


Identity resolution and deduplication capabilities within the knowledge graph to ensure that customer data remains up to date. It evolves as the data does and unifies all customer profiles with ease.

Analyse & Predict

In just a few simple clicks, an insight-filled Tableau dashboard can arise from the data set. Embrace the art of data storytelling with the flexible, market-leading dashboard. The intuitive user experience makes powerful analytics accessible for users of all skill levels, from basic to advanced. 


Uncover ground-breaking insights using intelligent predictions, recommendations and flows to make informed business-critical decisions. Improve personalisation, workflows, engagement and productivity across all departments and drive better results.


The Salesforce Data Cloud for Tableau is a powerful new offering that provides Tableau customers with access to a range of Salesforce data sets. This integration can help users gain a more comprehensive view of customer behaviour and drive more informed business decisions.

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