Prague Orbit 2018 Charity Cycling Tour

May 26 we are riding our bikes around the city Prague to raise money for Sdružení rodičů a přátel Střediska “DAR” – a center providing day-care services to families with handicapped children (with mental, physical, sensory, combined disabilities and autism).

The meeting point is again Restaurace Šárka at 8:30 am.

Again there are two routes you can take:

  1. the whole orbit around Prague, which is 75 km or
  2. children’s friendly family route which is 30 km

How can you help? You can just donate or take your donation as your arbitrary starting fee and ride with us. Every single crown/ pound/ euro you send directly to the account of Sdružení rodičů a přátel Střediska “DAR”, z.ú. will be used for the help in 100%.
Bank account nr.: 26638061 / bank: 0100, variable symbol: 260518 or the fundraising is also available via Just Giving platform.

Thanks to the variable symbol we can identify your payment and issue the Certificate of the Donation afterwards so you can deduct the taxes base afterwards.

Thank you very much for your contribution and desire to ride and have fun with us.

Billigence team is looking forward to meeting you and riding with you! :-)

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