Project Description

Using Confluence to Improve Information Flow & Shareability

Data Dissemination in Retail


With over 10,000 retail stores across both Europe and United States, clients IT department uses many different technologies and services. Among them SharePoint, primarily used for technical documentation and file storage by software developers. Over time, this was found time-consuming & unsuitable, because it was hindering oversight & dissemination of company-wide policies and working information.


As part of the solution, we migrated hundreds of documents and SharePoint pages to Confluence, which was favoured in part due to its integration with Jira, already in use by the company for agile project management. Teams can now easily collaborate and track each other’s progress, as well as having mutual environment in which to create, publish & share meeting notes and technical documentation critical to the company’s continuous improvement efforts.

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Dissemination of relevant information, based on access rules definition for different roles, as well as policies and processes setup has made a dramatic leap forward. Project scopes and requirements among teams are clearer which, together with the conjunction of Confluence & JIRA, allows for more efficient process management while meeting all information accessibility & sharing requirements.

  • Increased team awareness & ability to keep up with latest developments

  • Improved flow of information due to product’s easy of use

  • Streamlined work with documents improves business productivity