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Project Description

Vodafone – Sales Commissions Case Study

Overview of the Use Case

Commissions for sales and care representatives in Telco industry are extremely complex – the amount depends on the type of product, revenues, sales targets, negotiated conditions (internal and external sales force) or running campaigns. All the calculations and procedures need to be finished fast and with very high precision and they need to follow agreed processes

The Business Challenge/Problem to be Solved

  • Traditional implementations are typically expensive and in-flexible – finance teams are dependent on IT or vendor resources to implement any change;
  • The objective of project was implementing solution that will empower users to develop and maintain relatively complex calculations using drag-and-drop features of Alteryx.
  • Implementation was done across VF Operation companies in 10 countries, including UK, Spain, Romania, Greece or Qatar. Every country has their own processes with very different business rules, calculations and data sources.
  • Another challenge was frequency of changes – sales commissions are typically changing based on running campaigns, special promotions and channel preferences – and finance teams have to be able to quickly react to changing conditions and business requirements.

Description of the Working Solution

We started the implementation with the training of Alteryx Designer for financial analysts, showing them how they can set up calculations of their commission schemes in the Alteryx Designer;

After approx. one week of intensive hands-on training the finance team with support of Billigence analysts started developing the calculation workflows based on the data provided by the BI team;

Joint implementation approach was important to increase the capabilities of the local teams and to speed up the implementation as the commission rules were not typically very well documented due to frequent changes happening in the calculations;

In order to support fast deployment and to enable efficient experience sharing among Operating Countries the solution was built in the AWS cloud;

The solution is based on the following components:

  • Alteryx Designer for calculation of commissions;
  • Alteryx Server for scheduling of data preparation, running of calculations and distribution of results;
  • SOS portal (custom built solution) for approval flows and communication of outcomes;
  • iScheme reporting solution based on Qlik – consisting of analytical reports and dashboards for performance monitoring and analysis.

The entire solution is built in cloud to enable faster scalability and easier management of access from different countries.

Benefits Achieved

  • The project was implemented in extremely short time with significantly lower costs than any other comparable solution;
  • Finance teams were empowered to do the changes faster, without dependency on IT or external vendors. Calculation workflows are now being calculated within minutes, instead of days of manual calculations;
  • The overall process is more transparent and easier to maintain. Results are more reliable, auditable and have fewer
  • The project received VF Finance Operations Award for the Best Partnering solution.
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