Project Description

Revamping CRM Processes


Our Client is one of Australia’s leading telecommunications infrastructure company, with a range of services spanning cloud connectivity, on-demand entertainment offering as well as a vast range of pre-paid and post-paid mobile plans for all customer profiles. As a company, committed to outstanding customer service, our client’s legacy CRM was no longer serving the needs of the business – it was too slow with rather low user adoption, inhibiting key business processes. 


As part of this unique, custom integration, Salesforce Sales Cloud replaced Oracle CRM On Demand, which was no longer serving its purpose as demanded by new business direction. This has provided client’s sales users with better actionability of marketing opportunities, rapid decrease of manual spreadsheet-based work as well as created single interface for all online and offline customer service interactions. Users also gained the ability to trigger sales surveys directly from the Salesforce interface, noticeably increasing their response-rate.


As part of the implementation of the new platform, business processes across the organisation were evaluated and improved in line with its capabilities, resulting in significant savings. The change also led to better resource allocation, fairer lead management and highly relevant management reporting. Single customer view, providing necessary information when required, vastly improved customer experience.

  • Enhanced user experience & 360° customer view availability

  • Significantly improved & fairer lead and opportunity management

  • Single point of interaction for all front & back office personnel

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