Project Description

Vodafone – Commissions Calculation Automation



Improving sales commissions processes was one of many areas in client’s long-term vision to boost company bottomline. Being one of the leaders of telecommunications industry worldwide, the global footprint of its B2B division made it difficult to calculate commissions efficiently over time,  mostly across business lines and countries. The process enhancement therefore became the main project objective.


The core of the solution consists of automated calculations, reporting and statements for more than 400+ people, spread across 15 countries, allowing them to drill-down into details without worrying about data accuracy and cutting generation time from days to under one hour. Costly, slow and inflexible legacy systems were replaced with Alteryx, allowing the company business users to gain advanced analytics self-service capabilities and fully own and manage the new process.

Sales Commissions Case Study Image
  • Effortless calculations allow for efficient, error-free reporting

  • Commissions schemes are now changed on the fly as required

  • Calculation transparency improved auditing compliance

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