Project Description

Tableau Single Source of Truth


BMW Group Asia, based in Singapore, is the regional hub of the world’s leading premium automobiles manufacturer. The Aftersales department ensures that every driver receives the premium services they deserve. As part of a group-wide strategic initiative to digitally transform and enable insights-based decision-making at scale, the team set out to connect individual dealers across all 12 markets onto a centralised data warehouse for advanced analytics and reporting.


Partnering extensively with BMW’s business users, we’ve created a suite of Tableau dashboards, providing self-service insights across the organisation, such as: 1) Market Summary dashboard for executive decision making 2) Relationship Management dashboard for dealer managers and 3) Subject Matter Expert dashboard for detailed KPIs analysis. Each of those contained multiple layers of business logic, automated using Tableau calculated fields and thus replacing hours of manual Excel work with readily available insights in Tableau Server.

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With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the insights hub provided advanced capabilities and enabled seamless collaboration with external partners. Via our suite of Tableau dashboards and PDF reports tailored to different user groups – a critical point of reference for monthly business review meetings – we’ve helped BMW recover during uncertain times using data powered insights.

  • Advanced reporting capability using critical data sets from one source

  • Suite of dashboards improving collaboration with external partners

  • Automation of manual analytics, Excel work through Tableau Server

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