Matillion Data Loader | At a Glance

Matillion Data Loader | At a Glance

Seamlessly connect your data from silos to your cloud data platform in just a few steps. 

What is Matillion Data Loader? 

Matillion Data Loader is a cloud-native Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that extracts data from almost any data source and loads it into the cloud data platform of your choice via batch or change data capture loading. Matillion makes it easy to remove barriers between raw data and the business. Their simple user interface allows you to extract source system data and automatically ingest it into the cloud with ease. Simply put, with more data coming in and from more sources than ever, Matillion helps organisations be more productive with their data and make confident decisions based on more data, faster. 

Why should I use Matillion Data Loader? 

Matillion Data Loader allows you to create no-code pipelines that empower users and accelerate data loading times. Within a single platform, you can perform both Batch and Change Data Capture (CDC) loading. This eliminates the need for multiple tools from various vendors, effectively minimising cost and complexity and lessen the burden on data teams to become experts in multiple tools.  

Importantly, log-based CDC capabilities load raw data of all change events into cloud storage in near-real time enabling data scientists as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning modelers to use the data almost instantaneously. This also creates an immutable copy so that an exact replica of source data can be recreated at any point in time for backup, security and audit use cases.  

Batch Loading & Change Data Capture Loading Capabilities 

Batch Loading 

A SaaS-based incremental data loading experience. 

Set up user-specified time intervals for data to be loaded into your cloud platform of choice. 

Change Data Capture Loading 

A Hybrid SaaS, log-based data loading experience.  

Enable source databases to capture real-time change events and automatically load the changed data into your cloud platform in near real time. 

Matillion Data Loader in three simple steps 

  1. Build: Create batch and CDC pipelines in minutes without coding and with the guidance of an easy wizard configuration.
  2. Load: Ingest data faster with pre-built connectors to popular data sources and near-real-time data loading through a secure hybrid SaaS change data capture architecture.
  3. Automate: Ensure your data is there when you need it with automated runs at intervals predetermined by you via Batch loading or in near-real time via change data capture.  

That sounds great but… is it expensive? Can it scale? Is it Secure? 

Predictable Cost 

The cost is based on the number of batch or CDC rows loaded per month. Matillion’s pricing is competitive, and their tiered consumption model allows for a lower cost per row as your loading volume increases. 

Enterprise Scale 

This full-featured solution is designed to grow with you as your demands evolve and requirements change. Matillion Data Loader can manage hundreds of batch and CDC pipelines all in one place. 


Matillion takes data security seriously. For CDC loading, no data or access credentials are exposed outside of your firewall to Matillion. They have VPN security and governance; user control capabilities and enterprise SLA guarantees to keep your data safe. 

Can Billigence help me get started? 

Yes! For over 10 years, Billigence has been helping companies unlock value from their data. Now in collaboration with Matillion, a leading cloud-native ELT platform, our joint clients are gaining analytics-ready cloud data in a matter of minutes. Together, we help businesses find new levels of efficiency and productivity with high-performance, scalable cloud solutions. Get in contact to start your journey to faster results and better-quality data today. 

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