Tableau Introduction to Spatial Analytics

Introduction to Spatial Analysis in Tableau Webinar

Native map integration in Tableau makes working with mapping data a breeze! Analyse your geographical data to reveal powerful insights.

About this Event

In this month’s webinar we look into Tableau again, exploring its powerful geospatial features. For many companies, plotting data on a map opens a world of previously unknown insights. Join us to learn how to use selected spatial features to enrich your own analyses.

This webinar is aimed at beginner & intermediate Tableau users.

We discuss the following topics:

1) Points – latitude & longitude information

2) How to find the distance between two points

3) How to edit unrecognised locations

4) How to make LGA (Local Government Areas) work in Tableau

5) How to work with spatial files

6) Layered maps & origin destination maps

and more…

This webinar’s presenter is Vishal Gogineni, Billigence Senior Analytics Consultant.